Europe Unplugged August 2010


I just booked on the Europe Unplugged tour to leave on the 5th of August and im
doing it by myself just wondering if anyone else is doing this trip by themselves?

I am 18 years old and am from Australia.
I am also trying to find a travel buddy to do either Ireland or Scotland (or even both :slight_smile: )
if anyone is interested??

Brooke :slight_smile:


Oh so close!
I’m 19, and doing the Europe unplugged tour in September! and I’m going by myself.

I’ll totally join you in doing Ireland or Scotland, or both :slight_smile: but probably not until afterwards.

  • Emily :slight_smile:


My boyfriend and i are doing Europe Unplugged 26th August


I’m 21 and I also have a trip to Hawaii in July.


hey there! me and my friends are joining the Europe Unplugged in Sept…
that is when holidays start.