Europe Unplugged aug 26


Hey[br][br]Was just wondering who else was going on the Europe Unplugged trip departing August 26th 2007?[br][br]I’ve been living in Dublin for the past 2 and a half months but am from Perth WA. My best friend is meeting up with me in London to go on the tour. [br][br]Anyway maybe I’ll hear from you![br]Laura


Hey,[br][br]Im heading on the europe unplugged tour departing 26th of aug, and am absolutely stoked about it, cant wait. Im from Hobart…Tas…Aus, and heading to prague on the 19th of aug before heading to london to start the tour.[br][br]Hope to hear from you,[br][br]Rob


hey finally someone else i though for a bit it was just me and nancy going!!![br][br]I can’t wait are u staying at globetrotter the night before???[br][br]I’m heading to greece straight after the trip with busabout thats by myself so im a bit worried about that buti couldnt pass up 10 days in greece!!! Do u go home straight after?[br][br]Laura


hey,[br][br]Yeah im staying at the globetrotter on the 25th before the tour. Im heading on this tour by myself, but i make friends pretty quickly… i hope. From what ive heard Greece sounds great, you’ll have so much fun. After the tour im staying in london and meeting up with friends for about 4 days then heading to stuttgart to meet more friends and driving to Munich for oktobeerfest. How about you, what are your plans after your busabout tour?[br][br]Rob


oh wow i would have loved to go to oktoberfest but couldn’t turn down greece. I think when your travelling and your not a complete dickhead you can make friends wherever you go!! well thats what im hoping ecspecially now that im doing greece alone haha![br][br]After greece i come back to dublin work some more then decide whats next. Do u go home after germany or on elsewhere?


[br]Im heading back to london after germany and thinking about going to Ireland for a quick stop to meet family friends. But after that its back to Aus to start uni, which sucks, and the money will have probably run out by then. Thats so good that you can work and just travel around europe. How long do you have a working visa for?


hey[br]I was born here in Ireland so I can stay for aslong as I like so I’m a very lucky girl!!! What part of Ireland have you got family in?[br][br]So can you change ur flight home or have you got a specific date booked? You have heaps planned have you been planning it for long?[br][br]Yeah im hoping i can last a while with the money!!! but now with greece im like i better bring my credit card haha.[br][br]Laura[br]


Thats even better then, travel round europe and be able to stay in a nearby country for as long as you want.[br]Ive got friends of the family in galway.[br]No, the flights are booked unfortunately. Have been planning for a couple of months, had a year to do something so I thought work and travel a bit. big debt with the old credit card i reckon, ill have to restrain myself. Whats the plans after greece?[br][br]Rob[br]


hey,[br][br]after greece i come back to dublin and start working again!!! then safe up for the whole thing again next year![br][br]Hey im starting to finalise everything…what are u doing for a pillow are u bringing a proper one or a special travel one?


i did this trip in may 2007. u will have a awesome time camping. and meet great people. just sit at camp and drink away[br][br]kiwee


hey kiwee[br][br]Do u have any tips on what to expect or the best thing sto do?[br][br]L


Hi!![br][br]I am booked into this tour too - hoping there is more than just the three of us!! Im from Oz (NSW), have been in London for a little over three months working until now.[br][br]How old are you guys?


just sit back and enjoy the bus ride around europe[br][br]kiwee


hey,[br][br]I’m 22 on thursday and my mate who is coming is still 21 how about urself?[br][br][br]Laura


Great, Im 23. [br][br]Just starting to get myself organised, not long til we leave! I have accomodation in Central London but am tossing up whether I should maybe stay at the Globetrotter the night before to save some time in the morning…


there is plenty of entertainment on the bus. through out the whole trip with songs, movies, games, and other things.[br][br]kiwee


Hi guys - I’m on this tour as well. I’m from South Africa, been in the UK for 18 months. Looking forward to meeting you all on the 26th. [br][br]Cheers,[br]Matt