Europe Unplugged! Any Questions?


Hey ive just come back from europe unplugged trip and it was the best thing EVER! If u got any questions about it post them here and ill try and help you out!



so many questions where do i start?? I’m going on the 26th august!

did you stay at the clink hostel and if yes what was it like?
what was the best thing you like about the tour???
was the food good?
one item i must pack with me??

excited traveller, Hanna


Charging of batteries situation at campsite ?
Also the 1/2 nights in the Hostel - are partners allowed to share a room ?

I am also going on the same tour as Hanna !


The clink is ok. People had really mixed reviews. The bar in the basement is pretty cheap and full of people if you don’t want to wander outside at night.

The food on tour is great.

Your best bet to charge batteries will be:

  1. On the bus (should have 4 slots)
  2. The cook tent (we had a power board to use)
  3. Outlets in the bathrooms of the campsite

don’t worry about charging, I’ve managed to keep my iPhone charged the entire trip and I’m on the Internet constantly which dominates the battery (posting this from the bus between Berlin and Amsterdam :slight_smile: )


Hey, sorry have been away for a while.

The whole trip is the best thing! The optionals are great, i did all of them except the skydiving.
The Plus Berlin hostel is amazing! and for our trip they put 2 couples in one room. Hope this helps.

Any more questions welcome :slight_smile:


Sweet sounds great im off on the 29th of this month…

Why didnt you do the swiz skyding? Did others do it? Did they say it was worth the money?

Also out of the optionals does any stick out as must do’s or any that weren’t all that good?

Trying to work out all the funds ill need… and seeing if I can cut any of the extras off.

Cheers Nathan


STEVIE! I can’t believe you posted this on one of our last days.

Hi people, I went on the same trip as steve and it was AMAZING.

To answer a few questions, Yes they will allow partners to sleep together in tents and in the hostel. You do have to share, it will most likely be 4 people to a room. but the rooms ARE amazing. We were lucky enough to get our own ensuites also, look forward to a good nights sleep there.

Also, the Clink is a SHITHOLE. Especially coming into summer, the rooms are very poorly insulated and ventilated, they have been known to move peoples stuff to different rooms (me being one such lucky person). So if you do stay make sure they get your booking right, otherwise you might end up in different rooms for half your stay. The hotels are pretty poor also, and very expensive. So think it out, if you’re not spending any time in your room during the day then the clink will be fine, short term.

There is so much advice to give, but your team leader will provide all the things you need to know. Nothing was stolen or lost on our trip, but be careful. I recommend small padlocks on your day packs.

I also recommend ALL the optionals. My sister did the skydiving, it is quite dear, but the experience and the view is amazing. Switzerland is beautiful, and the team that do the jumps are really lovely. They make the videos up for you (if you’re interested) in a couple of hours. But they are like 130 swiss franks.

Nathan C, for you I would say watch out in Europe, the site doesn’t disclose that you must pay for most shower facilities at campsites. Up to 1 Euro for a few minutes. Incorporate this into your budget! it would have been nice to know. Also most, if not all, service stations and toilets in the cities do have a charge. Usually only 50cents or less, but it adds up. DO NOT PEE IN VENICE. I paid 1 euro 50 to use a bathroom there, and that was cheap. Keep change on you at all times.

Oh, and Hanna- the food is fucking amazing. The camping tours ALWAYS have the best food. look forward to it!


Thanks Nikki for being honest with your reply!!! I feel I’m not going in blind now!
I will lookinot my booking for the clink, its only a bed for me. will spend the days exploring London.

thanks again, am really looking forward to it! only 5 weeks to go!!!


Anyone know the cheapest and best way to explore the sights of London in 2 days? I’ve seen the hop-on hop-off tours… are these worth it? Where can you buy tickets?


stacey i was talking to one of Heaths relatives last night and he said that the hop-on-hop off buses are really good value and allow you to see what you need when you dont have much time to do so…


From one Stacey to another!!

The Hop-On, Hop-Off tours are great in London. I recommend doing a whole loop first thing so you know where everything is and then get off at the first stop on the second time around and start from there. Keep in mind that you don’t have to get on where you got off, so you can get off, do some sightseeing and walking and get on at the next stop, or one over or whereever!



Thanks Heaps for that Nikki… really appreciate… just a couple more things that I can think of at the moment.

  1. How was the concert in Vienna… and did u do the concert + dinner combo (and if u did was it worth it)?

  2. Did u go to the carnival thing in Vienna was it good?

Dam i had more but I have forgotten… thanks again guys



Thanks Stacey. We’re definitely doing a hop-on hop-off :slight_smile:


As an alternative to hop-on/off bus tours in London, just rock out with your oyster card and you can get around for cheaper and still see everything.

I just loathe those tours as they usually suck pretty hard, especially in a city with such cheap and convenient public transit. If you’re not comfortable navigating yourself the busses are certainly an option as well :slight_smile:


Oh and for bonus points from above, you can save money on toilets by using mcdonalds, burger king, etc which nearly always have free toilets.

I’ve been in europe for over two months and I think I’ve paid for the toilet maybe twice.


I would agree with Matthew here, as I think the hop-on hop-off tours are pretty expensive (about £25?). So you can use your oyster card to get around on the tube and on the bus (I think a day travel card works out at about £5.40 for zone 1 on prepay). But then you will miss out on commentary if that’s your kind of thing.

One thing to remember is that a lot of things in London are very close and with a map you can walk and don’t necessarily need to get public transport. I find it funny that people actually get the tube from Piccadilly Circus to Leicester Square!

But I make these comments as a Londoner, so I’m not sure exactly what you’d want to get out of your tour.


Hellooo again.

With the hop-on hop-off tours, my sister and I got a deal with 3 day travel cards and a tour for like 30 quid, which is expensive but everything overseas is expensive. I found the tour really interesting, as some buses have a live tour guide talking you through the cities. Plus you get an idea of where everything is if you want to go somewhere the next day. And the tour includes a ferry ride on the thames which is pretty cool. I recommend it, but it’s not for everyone. Tickets are available at a few main stops around London, it’s on the brochures or you can look it up online.

If you’re looking to do London in a few days I suggest pick a few things that really interest you, as most places are expensive and will take up a couple of hours especially with tours as it’s peak season! I’ve been told to book tickets online for the Eye, if you want to do that. The queues are freakin massive. The Camden markets are pretty awesome, and free to walk around. You can pick up some cheap souvenirs and don’t forget to haggle a little!

Matthew, I found using Maccas toilets in the Uk was great, but in Europe you have to buy something in order to use the toilet (they print a little code on the bottom of your receipt). But yes I should say that it’s not always mandatory that you pay the 50cents or whatever it is at service stations etc, but it is nice to tip the person who cleans the toilets (you’ll see them waiting outside).

Nathan, I forgot about the concert! I didn’t go, in fact none of us went. We all felt like it was a rip-off and not really up our alley. We were going to go to the Amusement park later BUT it rained the whole time we were there. So the park wasn’t open. We had a movie night on the coach instead.


Thanks for the ideas guys! :slight_smile:


Hi there just wondering what time you guys usually set out on the bus and how long you were on the road for each day? Also, was it safe to go out at night everywhere? Cheers.


Hi could you give me an idea of what kind of food was served on the tour?
thanks :slight_smile: