Europe Unplugged- 8 July 2010


Hi guys,

just wondering who else is going on the Europe Unplugged camping trip which leaves on the 8 july…

I am travelling by myself… and just wondering was anyone else travelling solo on this trip…

Brooke :slight_smile:


Hey Brooke!

I am! Woo!!!

Can’t wait!

I am also travelling on my own. I’m 20, from Sydney.

What are your contact details? Let’s chat!

Jarrad :slight_smile:


yay i c ant beleive i finally found someone that is doing the same tour as me!!
When do you fly into London? and are you planning on doing any other travel after
your topdeck tour? i tried to add you on facebook but i couldnt find you… fell free
to try and add me :slight_smile:



hey brooke,

i’m planning on doing this tour, haven’t booked yet but am flying into Europe 5th july, so prob wont go on this one, probably the one leaving on the 22nd of july or 29th ;D