Europe Unplugged - 4 July


Hey[br][br]Anyone on this tour? Or if not have you done any of the camping tours? what are they like?[br][br]Ange :slight_smile:


anybody…?? hope the bus driver is nice :slight_smile:


all paid up now - so no backing out, even if it is just me and the bus driver :slight_smile:


hahaha aww no replies yet aye, well at least you will have me to keep you company!::slight_smile:


that’s something at least! hopefully the tour manager and bus driver have lots of good jokes and stories to keep us going hehe :slight_smile:


just trying to get this up the top of the list again… anyone on this our - or have been on the EuroCamping tours recently? what are the tents like? what’s the air mattress like?[br]thanks :slight_smile:


the tents are really easy to set up as i did this your last year. [br]i only takes about 20 mins to put up. [br]mattress just like a single bed and has a pillow on it. just u do not get the same one. but some people airbeds did go down in the night. [br]i wish i was doin this trip again. best times


Hey Ky - thanks for responding! 20 mins even for a novice with putting tents up? with a pillow that’s pretty cool better than I would have thought…