Europe Unplugged 29th of July 2006


Hey all,[br][br]just checking in to see if anyone is heading on this same trip as us, if you are you can get in contact anytime… theres two of us aussie chicks going and we are ready to have a ball. [br][br]c ya tarz.


Hey Tarz[br][br]Yeah I’m going on the Europe Unplugged tour on the 29th July. I’m looking at booking this weekend. Are you in London at the moment? I’m from Brisbane but am living in London if you want to catch up before the 29th. :)[br][br]Cheers[br]Kate


Hey Kate,[br][br]That sounds sweet! … i am around London, and can easy meet up before hand if you want. tell me when your free and we can work something out![br]email me[br][br]cya tarz