Europe unplugged 26th aug 2010


[font=Comic Sans MS][/font] Just wondering if anyone is going on the EUROPE UNPLUGGED tour on the 26th Aug 10 ?! :slight_smile:

I am from Syd, Australia and my boyfriend and i are going.



I’m going on Europe unplugged, but on sep 16th.
Should totally change your date! haha or tell me how it goes :slight_smile:


we were going to go on that one but changed our mind


I am going on the tour! I’m from perth and I am travelling by myself. ;D


aww sweet finally found someone !



My partner and I are also on this trip! We are both from Perth! Wish it would hurry up!


Yes it can not come fast enough, so excited !


Hi Guys!
My partner and I are doing this trip, we’re from the Sunshine Coast in QLD. We’ve never been out of Australia before… we’re a little anxious, but so excited.
Wishing away the next 7 weeks!

Stace :slight_smile:


Yes 7 weeks can not come fast enough !!

Only Aussies on our trip so far it seems - NSW, QLD and WA !