Europe Unplugged 25th August


Anybody on the Europe Unplugged tour, leaving on 25th August? Can’t wait!


I am. Can’t wait, it’s going to be awesome!


Hey! I am too, very excited! :smiley: Look forward to seeing you!! Rach x


Yay, I was getting worried i might be the only one on the trip! Can’t believe we’re off next week, feeling a little bit unprepared! Can’t wait to meet everyone x


Lol you’re not the only one! Are u staying in the clink hostel the night before? I’m in a houseshare for 10 days in London up until the morning we set off but if everyone’s gonna probably meet the night before I might stay there instead. Really excited now x


I’m staying in the Clink the night before, didn’t want too much of an early start! Would be nice to meet before :slight_smile:


I’m in Clink the night before as well, early mornings being my achilles heel. I’ll probably see some of you there.