Europe Unplugged 23rd May- 13th June 2013


Hello ive just booked this trip just wondering who else has booked this? It would be awesome to get to know some people before we head out :slight_smile:


Hey! I’m also probably doing this trip! I haven’t booked it yet, planning to in a couple months. Can’t wait!


hey guys, ive just come back from europe unplugged and its amazing, definetely worth it! ;D


Yeah be good if you do the more the merrier :slight_smile: so looking forward to this, its so long away though


If anyone wants any advice or what they offer on this tour let then i can help :slight_smile:


Hey! I just booked this trip, can’t wait. I’ll be going with my boyfriend and his sister. :slight_smile:


Hey that’s cool gd to know more people have booked me and my brother are going seems so far away at the mo can hardly wait have you done any trips like this b4?


I haven’t done any trips like this before, I have been to England last year though. I’m super excited, I’m just hoping that I don’t find the camping part too intense. Have you gone on any trips like this either? Where are you from? I’m from Canada.


No this is my first time doin a trip like this, yeh same here I’m sure there will be enough to keep evey1 busy that we won’t care about the camping :slight_smile: I’m from the uk where abouts did u visit last year?


My girlfriend and I have booked this tour! Can’t wait!


Me and my friend booked this tour yesterday! So excited!!