Europe Unplugged 22nd Aug - 12th Sept


Hey everyone[br][br]Is there anyone else going on this tour? Im so excited!! Travelling on my own tho, so a little nervous!! [br][br]CAM[br]Europe Unplugged Aug 2009


please say there are more people on this tour!! [br][br]Camilla[br][br]Europe Unplugged[br]22nd Aug - 12 Sept 2009[br]


two weeks to go!!! [br][br]anyone else on this tour???[br][br]Europe Unplugged[br]22nd Aug - 12 Sept 2009[br]


I’m not on that tour but I’ll get excited with you! I’m a little nervous too but we’ll be ok once there.


Just came back from the trip. It was great fun! [br]Feel free to ask any questions regarding the trip.[br]


hey…[br][br]any tips and advice???[br]how much money did you take?? especially for prague.[br][br]less than two weeks to go!! 8-)[br][br]Cam[br][br]Europe Unplugged[br]22nd Aug - 12 Sept 2009[br]


About 400 pound will be enough…[br]If you plan to do the skydiving, you would need about 800 pound…[br]If you do not buy many souvenirs in Prague, 30 Euro would be more than enough…[br]Make sure that you visit the parlimentary house in Berlin, the building is really cool!


Basically, you do not have time to do many things in every city given that you have only one day in each city , so grab the opportunity to go to the main attractions first.[br]Do not go for the Vatican city audio guide tour, it is just a waste of money! The tour guide would tell you that you might have to wait for a long queue but it would not happen because we depart in the very early morning and so can avoid the queue.


What would you say were the best attractions to do and see??[br][br][br][br]Europe Unplugged[br]22nd Aug - 12 Sept 2009[br]


Going to london this friday!!![br][br]Europe here i come!! [br][br]So excited!!! ;D[br][br]Europe Unplugged[br]22nd Aug - 12 Sept 2009[br]


In Paris, it is better that you spend your own free time on climbing up the Eiffel Tower and go to see the Monalisa painting rather than going around the city because the bicycle tour covers everything.