Europe Unplugged 2011 (HTEF)


hello just wondering if any one has booked for July 21st for Unplugged, going with a mate and really excited to see who else is booked? :slight_smile:


Hi hun,

My husband and I are doing the last half of this tour (northern nomad) we join on 30th July - can’t wait!!! We are currently living in London. Feel free to add me on fb

Amy :slight_smile:


Hello :slight_smile:

I am looking at booking this tour, in august 2011 but I am not sure which date yet, i was hoping to see if anyone has booked onto it yet!!

It will be my first time travelling, and am doing it alone, so very excited to meet lots of new people!! I have also never really camped before, so originally looked at euroclub, but camping is apparently lots more fun (and cheaper) which sounds good to me!!


I am booked up for June 16th - Cant wait


Hi Justine!

This is also my first time traveling. I just booked this tour leaving 8 September! I was going to go in August but the flight cost were more expensive. I am also going alone and it would be great if you could go then too!


Hey guys, I am doing the Europe Unplugged on the 21st July :slight_smile: