Europe Unplugged 2006


Hi[br][br]My name is Lauren and I am thinking of going on the Europe Unplugged in July/August of this year. I am on my Gap year from South Africa. I love camping and so I thought that I would probably meet people with similar intrests to me on this tour. I’d love to hear from people who have done this tour or who are going to be doing it. What did you think? My e-mail address is[br][br]Lauren


Hi! My name is jen and i’m booked on the Unplugged tour departing July 15. I’m from australia but am working in denmark for a year, but being from aus i also love camping and travelling so i think its going to be fantastic! I’m travelling alone too :slight_smile:


Hi Lauren[br][br]I sent you an email but I think this tour looks great and I also enjoy camping. I am going on this tour leaving 15 July and going on my own. I am also a South African Gap Student in England this year. [br][br]Lindy[br][br]p.s. what you doing for the half term?


Hey All, we are booked on the Aug 26 tour! Anyone out there going on that date as well?