Europe Unplugged 19th July


Hi! I’ll be travelling alone on this one so would love to meet anyone else doing it too? I’m so excited :slight_smile:


Hey :slight_smile: I’m doing this tour too! And another girl posted earlier that she’ll be there with us.

I can’t wait!


Ahh! Cool! And you’re Australian too! I’m originally from the Mid North Coast, but am living in Ireland!! B-)


Yay another person! I posted that ages ago and only had the one reply so was hoping thered be some more people on here out there! Cant wait to meet you all as im a solo traveller aswell!


I tried searching for thread before I made this one, but I couldn’t find it ahhaha

Lovely to see both of you!


Heya, I’m a solo traveller too! Are any of you staying in the clink hostel in London the night before the trip starts?


I will be!


I’ll be at the Clink the night before, but not sure when I’ll get there.


Oh and I’m from Queensland :slight_smile:


Ahh cool! I love QLD :smiley:

I’ll be there just after dinner I think. By the time my flight gets in and I work out the trains and stuff haha


Sounds like we’re all staying in The Clink before the trip begins. My boyfriend and I are going on this trip and were staying there too–from America–California! ;D


If any of you want to, you can find me on Facebook here