Europe Unplugged 16th August


Hey guys,
Anyone else booked this tour? I’m going to be travelling solo so it would be nice to meet a few people beforehand :slight_smile:



Hey im booked on to and im travelling alone :slight_smile: getting sooo excited


Hey Maria! It’s nice to hear from someone else who’s going :slight_smile: Are you planning to stay in the clink hostel before the trip starts?


Yeah I think i will are you?? Where are you from Adam?


Yeah, I booked a room the other day. It’s not that expensive and will make things simpler :slight_smile:
I’m from Exeter in Devon, I see you’re from Isle of Man, I stayed in Peel for a few weeks when I was about 12, as I recall it was quite nice there :slight_smile:



I’m booked for this tour as well. I’m living in London right now but I’m from Canada. I’m so excited to get out of the rainy weather for a while and enjoy other parts of Europe :). I’m going to book a room before hand, I think we have to be ready to go first thing on the 16th so it would make life easier.


Hey Meagan :slight_smile:

It’s a 7am start if I recall correctly, So I reckon it will be best to get there early. Hopefully some of us can meet up in the hostel before hand. I don’t know about you but my interpersonal skills leave a little to be desired at 7am in the morning :wink: And I agree about the weather, today’s been the first respite from rain for the last 2 weeks where I am! I’m looking forward to some sun B-)


Hi Adam, im from new zealand, just been living working in the isle of man for the past 3 months but yes its a lovely place :slight_smile: and does definitely sounds like the best option to stay there the night before.

Hi Meagan - are you travelling alone also? Looking foward to meeting you too.


I’m still waiting to hear back from Top Deck for the night before as it would be great to meet before. I agree, I’m not the most chatty person at 7am…

Maria - yes I am travelling alone. I’m looking forward to it. Only a few more weeks! :slight_smile:


New Zealand, now that’s a place I’d love to visit at some point. Everyone I know who’s been says it’s beautiful :slight_smile:

Meagan - I just booked the hostel via their website if that helps.

If either of you want to add me on FB feel free :slight_smile:


Hey guys, I am also on this Top Deck Tour and travelling alone(glad to not be the only one) So very excited and Im staying at the clink the night before also!

Im an Australian and man im excited!


I’m all booked for the 15th at Clink. Three more weeks!


Hello everyone, i am also booked on this trip, ive never done a camping one before so im really excited about it, cant wait to meet u all


Hey guys, i am also booked into this tour! im doing it solo as well so good to see that there are a few other solo travellers! i arrive at the clink on the 15th as well, and will be so super excited as this is my first time overseas!! so so excited to meet you all!! :slight_smile:


It’s awesome to see so many people are going and solo too, it’s exciting and I can’t wait to meet you all! :slight_smile:
@ Lisa I’ve also never done a camping tour before either, should be fun :slight_smile:



I’m on this tour too, meeting in Paris though as my visa for the UK expires in a week :frowning:
(so i’ll be the person awkwardly waiting for you all to arrive haha.)

See you all soon!


Hey Adam, which tours have you already done, if not the camping one yet?


Hey Lisa,
I did a tour with topdeck in Australia in Feb/march of this year and another one with a different company in south east asia through April, have you done any other tours also?


Hey Adam
i have done the top deck 23 day russian scandi, the 29 day bosphorus adventure and the 22 day eastern explore, but it was all euro club, so im looking forward to the camping, it will be really different i think. only 10 days to go!!!


Hey, Adam,

Nice to see somebody going to the 16th August 2012 Euro Unplugged tour make a posting in the forum.

Glad to know you before the tour started.