Europe unplugged 11th july?


[br]hi there![br]my name is heather and im very excited for europe unplugged! was wondering if anyone else is going solo on this trip?![br][br]h reid


Hi Heather![br][br]My names courtney, I will be going solo on the same trip!! A little excited!![br][br]Court


[br]oh fantastic! yay, ive heard it doesnt matter if you go solo and that you make friends really quickly anyway but its nice to have the reasurance other people are in the same boat![br][br]h reid


Hi![br][br]I know what you mean! You staying at the Generator hostel the night before?[br][br]Court


Hi, i am going to the European Unplugged 17 July trip. How much basic spending money do you reckon we meed to bring?


[br]I tried to book the generator hostel but theyve said there full! so ive booked a room at st athans which is on the same rd? ill probably go to the generator though?[br][br]As for the question bout money im not sure? id rather take more than less though! and if we come back with any thats a bonus! maybe there is another bit on the forum that could give us a better idea?! [br][br][br]h reid


May be a blonde question, but did you tell them it was for pre tour booking?? Not a big deal though, all got to be up with the sparrows regardless!! I guess I will see you on Saturday then…enjoy your week :)[br][br]Court


yeh i explained to them the situation but there was nothing they could do! yeh that early start is going to be a rather difficult one![br][br]h reid