Europe Uncovered



Is anyone on uncovered tour starting on the 02nd june 2011??


yep! me and my boyfriend james are going on that tour. so exciting! you going with anyone? :-[


Hey there, OH cool me and boyfriend are doing this tour:)
have you done a top deck tour before? where abouts are you from?


oh cool! nice to know other couples are doing it.

we havent done a topdeck tour before, but ive been to germany and austria a few years ago. cant wait to see them again!

we are both from adelaide,SA.

how about you guys? ::slight_smile:


oh ok my bf daniel has been to germany aswell but my first time, going to be amazing :slight_smile:

We are from perth, are you guys just doing the tour or going other places aswell?? we are going to portugal,spain and greece after the tour.

Great news there’s other couples on the bus.


we arent really going anywhere else, we are staying in london a day each side of the tour, but then back to aus :frowning:

oh well, cant wait!!


Will still be amazing. The count down is on 143 days… :slight_smile:


Not long now:) Are you getting exciting?? i sure am B-)