Europe Uncovered!


Hi Guys,

Im looking at booking the Europe Uncovered tour for next year!! Just wondering if anyone had been on this tour or know much about it!! ie spending money, time in each places!! this will be my first tour so all very new to me!!!



Hi Lauren,

I’ve just come back from this tour, and had an AWESOME time!!!

You generally have a full day on the bus (leaving about 7.30-8.00 in the morning and getting to the destination somewhere between 4-7.00pm.) Then there might be a tour, dinner or chance to look around that night. Then a full day to explore the city the next day (shopping, sightseeing, optional extras, whatever you want to do), then onto the next place the following day. A couple of places (eg Florence, Salsburg, Slovenia) you only stay for one night so don’t have much time there.

Spending money- I think Topdeck recommends about 50-60 Euro/day which is about what I spent. I didn’t buy much though, so depends how much you want to shop! On bus days, you don’t need to spend anything much except buying food in the breaks.

Let me know if you want to know anything else!



I would certainly recomend any of the larger camping or hostel tours with topdeck.

You should consider the mega European! It’s camping which can suck at times but it shows you what you’re made of, is cheap, sees the most places, comes with the most meals (road chef woop!), and you get the closest with your tour mates because you don’t have hostel or hotel rooms to sit in by yourself.

Either way, feel free to ask any questions you might have. I have a “I’ll answer all of your topdeck questions” thread running on this board that might already be helpful!


hey lauren! im kelly, im 22, will be 23 by july next year when im going to europe. what time were of the year were you thinking of booking? Im booked in for the europe uncovered tour from july 5-26 next year, and it will be my first tour and my first time overseas, and I am going solo, would be great to meet some people before i go!


im doing this tour also… im going to allow about 60 euro per day for it - hopefully more altho i do want to shop too!
we are booked in to do this on the 14th July! =)