Europe Uncovered September 20th


Only 2 weeks to go!! I’m so excited.
Is anyone else doing this tour? Would like to say hi to some fellow travellers before we meet in person.
I’m Jess, 25, from Australia.


Hi Jess,

I’ll be along for the first half of this trip until Rome (on the Roman Road). I’m from the UK but decided to tour Europe for a change this year having done a lot of North America, Australia and NZ in recent years. I’ve done quite a few tours before but not with Topdeck so it will be interesting to compare.

I have a feeling that you’ll meet loads of fellow Aussies on this trip.

Will you be staying at the Umi, the night before?

Look forward to meeting everyone.




Hi Carl,

No, I am staying at a hostel not far from the Umi Hotel so I’ll just walk down to meet everyone there in the morning.
This is the first time I have been overseas so I am very excited (and a little nervous).
I can’t wait to meet everyone in our tour!
Are you travelling solo?


Hi Jess,

Yes, I will be travelling solo and based on previous experience most of the other people will be as well.

I remember the first time that I went overseas by myself was on a tour, I wouldn’t be too nervous. I became friends with other complete strangers from around the world on the first morning and we were so close that we are still in contact today, 10 years later!

The social side of these types of tours should be very good, hopefully, and should make the trip more enjoyable and fun than just travelling around by yourself.




Hi Carl,
I’m not actually travelling solo. I’m travelling with my husband Chris, but it is his first time overseas also.
We are both very social people so I’m sure we will love it haha. i’m looking forward to making lots of new friends :slight_smile:
I booked this tour back at the start of the year so I can’t belive it is now only 10 days away!!
We fly into London on the 17th and we are doing a day trip to Stonehenge and Bath on the 18th, but apart from that we will have a little bit of free time in London before the tour starts. We are also staying in London for 3 days after the tour before heading to Edinburgh.
Where abouts in the UK are you from?


Whoops I just saw that you’re from Liverpool! haha