Europe Uncovered September 2011


Hi there,

I’m Tracey and I’m 24.I will be doing the European uncovered tour on the 8th of September which finishes on the 28th. I plan on having 3 days in London before returning home to NZ. I would love to talk to anyone who is going on this tour or if anyone has any tips for accomodation or on London in general. I would love to hear from you! :slight_smile:



Hi Tracey,

I’m booked on the same tour. Looking forward to it already - I need a fun break from work, and way overdue for a European adventure! I’ll be in London for a week before the tour starts. Can’t tell you much about London but I might have more info for you when we chat on the tour. I’m staying with my Dad & sister in an apartment near Earl’s Court - mainly because I have a friend who is living near there at the moment.

BTW I’m 31 from Sydney.



Hey Andrew,

Nice to hear from you :slight_smile: Have you booked the tour? Its getting pretty hard to save up! Are you on facebook or do you have email?


Hi Tracey,

Yes I’m on facebook - Andrew Howie, but there are a few of us!! Good luck picking the right one!

Otherwise my email is

Tour is booked :slight_smile:



Darn, I’m doing the Europe Unplugged 8 September…trying to meet some people before I go because I am going solo! WHat was your reasoning for doing the Uncovered instead of the other choices? Its not to late for me to change mine :slight_smile:


Hi backtoStephanie,

I choose Europe uncovered because I liked the duration and the places that it goes too. :slight_smile: Any more questions please ask!


Hey guys! Is anyone else doing this tour?? :slight_smile:


Hi Tracey,

My boyfriend and I are also booked on this tour :slight_smile: It’s creeping up quite fast now, it’s exciting! Have you booked any accommodation in London yet? We still have to book for a few nights after the tour, so many places to choose from!!



Hi megan,

I have booked accomodation, Im staying at the umi as it’s heaps easier, im staying in london for 3 days after the tour from the 29th til the 3rd of Oct:) Are you on facebook? Would love to get in touch before the tour :slight_smile:


Hi Tracey, I’m staying at the umi for 3 nights before the tour, so hopefully will be okay! Yep I’m on Facebook so you’re more than welcome to add me, my name is Megan Raffills… there should be only one of me :slight_smile:


Hi all,

I’m Mark from Christchurch. Me and my friend Michelle are also booked in for the tour. So much to see and do, should be very exciting. We’ve got several days in SE Asia planned to try and break the long flight up a bit but will be in London for four days before the tour starts. We are staying at my cousins place at first but think it might be a good idea to stay at the UMI the night before and after the tour. If anyone knows of anything we must do in London besides the usual sight seeing please let us know. We have booked in the Lion King musical so far (I’m pretty sure circle of life is going to be awesome! :smiley: ) but will have a couple more days spare.

We look forward to meeting everyone in a few months time.



Hey Mark, nice to meet you! :slight_smile: Im staying at the umi before and after the tour also. I’m still trying to come up with ideas for london… Im staying there for 3 days after the trip and looking forward to some shopping! If you would like to get in touch, im on facebook. Tracey Savage from Auckland. :slight_smile:


Hey guys,

My name is Matty, I am also doing the tour with my girlfriend (Megan as above)
Starting to get quite excited now it’s getting closer :slight_smile: I’m on Facebook but there is lots of people with my name so just search if you want to add me.




I’m Michelle (travelling with Mark). Getting really excited now, not to far away!!!

I think someone created a community on facebook but you can’t see the members and I think quite a few random people who aren’t on the tour have joined. So I have tried creating it as a group, see if that works any better. Search for Europe Uncovered Sept 8 2011. :slight_smile:

See you all in September!!



Cheers for that Michelle, I tried but I couldnt figure it out…haha :slight_smile:


hey is there anyone else doing this tour? :slight_smile: not long now!


Hey, I’m Tim. My friend Henry and I are doing this tour. We’re both 22 from Sydney. This was last minute for us as other people we were going to travel with pulled out. Not long now! We are also going to be in London for a few days before, and 3 days after the tour before we head to Iberia.

you can find me on fb with