Europe Uncovered Sep 9 2008


Hi,[br][br]I know it is still some time away but has anyone booked on this trip? My boyfriend and I have just booked and are so excited! ;D[br][br]:slight_smile:


Hi,[br][br]Good to see another couple has booked in for Sep 9. My girlfriend and i booked last october and were counting down the days. From your username i assume your from Oz??


Hey, yea i have booked this trip! im so excited! im travelling alone though! where are you from?


We’re from Sydney and cannot wait for our trip. The tour forms part of an extended 8 week trip to Europe. Will you be staying at the Globetrotter?


Im from Sydney too!! i havent got that far as to where i am staying but more then likely i will be staying there!:slight_smile:


Well its great to see there will be a few Aussies on the trip. Aussies seem to make up the majority in most of the trips from what i can see in the forums discussions and the Globetrotter is the obvious choice for most.


Yea a friend of mine went last year and she said that there was majority of Aussies and when your travelling alone its a real comfort! Where in Sydney are you and your girlfriend from?


We’re in Drummoyne. Im Pablo (28) and my girlfriend Liz (27) and you??


Im in Revesby, when the tour starts ill be 21! i cant believe how fast its coming along!


Great little 21st Bday present you’ve given yourself!!! Your absolutely right. Time is flying and before we know it, will be on our way!! Can’t wipe the smile off my face. Have you started looking at the gear you’ll be taking? Backpack or suitcase?? Reading others forum entries has been quite helpful especially those who have returned from their trip.


Well you only turn 21 once! and i can relate to the smile! its really so exciting!!! I went and bought a suitcase. friends of mine went on it last year and they took suitcases and said it was fine. I have read a few other entries but havent come across one that mentions people experiences with luggage. What are you guys taking?


I’m not on your tour, but it will be great to celebrate your 21st over there!! I am having my birthday the week before I leave, I thought about having it over there, but decided to spend it with my friends and family - something I am starting to regret! It would be great to celebrate in Euroep!![br][br]Also, on the luggage, I’m taking a backpack with me :slight_smile: I have been told that it’s best to try and keep your arms free and that it can be a pain trying to navigate with a suitcase to wheel around :slight_smile: [br][br]I am flying out on the 5th September, and I have to say that I share the smile… one of thsoe silly, smug and excited smiles [^][br][br]Leeana[br]Canberra, Australia[br]Spirit of Europe 16 Sept 08[br]+ London Stopover[br]+ Edinburgh Minibreak


Well were taking backpacks because we’re over there for just under 9 weeks and will be doing England, Ireland and Scotland on our own. But like others if i was only going over there for the tour i would more than likely just take one of those wheel around suitcases. I just want to see how liz is going to put all her girly crap into a backpack. Its going to be a hoot!!


Oh really im over there for about that too so far! It will be good to do thoes countries on your own as they are all english speaking so it wont be hard to get any help! i have been told by alot of people back packs are a bit of a pain as if you need soemthing thats at the bottom its hard to get it all out! but i suppose its personal opinion! Hey she is a girl! multitalented! if there is a will there is a way! but yea you should sit back and watch her, id say its going to very memorable!


my backpack actually unzips fairly similar to a suitcase so that i can access it a lot easier :)[br][br]you could look into that option too (mine is from kathmandu - but i’m sure its pretty common :))[br][br]Leeana[br]Canberra, Australia[br]Spirit of Europe 16 Sept 08[br]+ London Stopover[br]+ Edinburgh Minibreak


I havent been to kathmandu yet but m friend said it was good. but i think my suitcase will be fine! MY friends have done it and it wasnt a problem so im not fussed! [br]So Whirlsie how long you travelling for?


Hey Jacinta,[br][br]You mentioned your friends went on a similar trip. Was it through Topedeck? How did they find it all?


Yes it was but it was a hostel one. They had the best time ever. They were the ones who recomended me to do a Top Deck tour. A few of my other friends went through Contiki and their luggage got stolen and it wasnt a pleasent trip at all. But everyone i have spoken to that has dont Top Deck said it was a trip of a life time. The tours were amazing and everyone gets along so well!


I’ve heard the same things jacinta ;D[br][br]YAY for Topdeck!![br][br]Leeana[br]Canberra, Australia[br]Spirit of Europe 16 Sept 08[br]+ London Stopover[br]+ Edinburgh Minibreak


Hooray for Topdeck!!!