Europe Uncovered ***PAG***


Hiya ! please tell me someone out there has been on this tour: Europe Uncovered 21 days??? It includes 3 days at an island in Croatia called Pag and after doing a little online search and bookshop alike I have found it isn’t what I was expecting it to be. I was imagining alot more beautiful scenery ! ![br][br]So that’s why I would like to know if anyone has experienced this seemingly barron desolate island of Croatia. All comments are more than welcome ;D


Hi I’ve heard from lots of people that Croatia is one of the most beautiful places to go. It is definitely on my list and I’m planning on heading there in a couple of months, so my suggestion is to give it a chance and you might be pleasantly surprised.[br][br]Happy travelling! :wink:


Hey there[br]I’ll be on this tour and am looking forward to every part of it. I’m sure that every place we go to is selected for a reason and there would be no way our tour leaders would take us somewhere that we wouldn’t enjoy. Don’t let the internet or books stop you from enjoying the trip! :wink: I can’t wait, only 4 weeks to go!!!


Hey that’s so cool you’ll be on the tour…I’ll keep a look out for ya. You’re right though, I shouldn’t let internet get in the way of what looks like an amazing trip ! I’m looking forward to every bit of it but I was just a little concerned at the fact we were spending 3 days there when it didn’t look/seem that spectacular. But all things aside, it should be great no matter what ! Cheers :slight_smile:


Hey Jennifer, are you on the tour that leaves on the 20th of June?


No I won’t Sarz! I’m going to be leaving on 28 August…when you get back, make sure you jump back onto the forum & let me know how great the tour was ! Bon voyage !


I’ve just returned from the La Dolce Vita trip which also goes to Pag for 3 nights - it was awesome. Really good down time, beautiful water, just great. You actually might not spend that much time on Pag because (at least on my tour) one day we sail to the island of Rab and another day we take the coach to the town of Zadar. Supposedly there is a nudist beach on Pag but I dont think anyone in my group went there. The hotel we stayed at was nice, on the water but not on the beach - you may have to go find it for yourself, but exploring the island was a lot of fun! Never bored at all, and it was an amazing vacation within my vacation.


Hey thanks so much for your reply! I’m so excited to go to Pag now! Sometimes all you need is downtime after being so so ‘on-the-go’…so that’s awesome yay! :slight_smile: