Europe uncovered or discover europe - summer 08


hi, im wonderin if any1 else is interested in these pkgs?[br]i really am, would like 2 c who else mite b goin??[br]orrrr if any1a already been?![br][br][br][br][br]kerry x


Hey Kerry. I did the Discover Europe Trip last year during the Euro summer. Fantastic trip is all I can say and so much better than what I ever imagined. I have had the travel bug ever since coming back home. [br][br]With Europe Uncovered you miss out on Barcelona but go to Berlin instead of Munich and you also miss out on Budapest (and the great Danube River). The difference with Discover Europe is it’s a couple of days longer. You also stay at the Rhine valley, go to Vienna and a couple of smaller places in France. [br][br]Depending on when you want to travel will depend on the price you pay but there is a $700 difference between the 2 trips, say for example you wanted to travel in October.[br][br]Which ever you choose you will have a magnificent time!