Europe Uncovered May


My boyfriend and I are going on the Europe Uncovered tour starting May 5th.
Is anyone else on here going?


hi! yip, I’m booked on the same one on May 5th. sounds pretty amazing.


I’ve done this tour, you will have a great time.

Am happy to answer any questions. :slight_smile:


It does look amazing and pretty full on so I’m hoping we get some free time to do whatever. R u going with anyone?
I know it’s a little over 3 months away but I’m already trying to figure out what to take. Any idea how cold it really will be at that time of year?
On our way back we’re stopping at Dubai for a few nights so I’ll be packing for desert weather as well lol.


I do have a lot of questions even after reading hundreds of posts from others which have been extra helpful so here goes…

Does anyone know how we get a list of the optional extras and what is worth the money and which extras do you think were not so great?
Do you get a list of the hotels you stay at before starting the tour? I am a female so I’m wondering if the hotels have hairdryers lol?
I noticed a lot of people suggest 60 euro a day for spending. Is that still the norm? That would be about $120 AUD wouldn’t it?
How safe are the areas in this tour and is it worthwhile wearing a money belt? What about when we go out at night? Do you need to take your passport everywhere you go?
Are there many couples who travel with topdeck?
I’m still unsure of what clothes to take but I’m guessing May in Europe is going to be pretty cold except for Rome and Croatia would that be right?
And finally (I think), is it better to change some money to swiss Franks before I go over or when I’m there for when we go to Switzerland? How much would you suggest for the part of the tour?
OK I think I’m done so if anyone can help out please do. I’m very excited and I just want to get it right as I have never been to so many different places in one go :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi, I just joined today, booked the same tour leaving from London on 5th May! not long to go…only 11 wks away. :slight_smile:

I got an ANZ travel card for the major currencies, for the others I will just change bit by bit as I go…when Im overthere.

with Visa? whats the go with that as we are entering and leaving so many countries? does anyone know??


Yeah I just got a visa debit card and I was told you can use it anywhere but I was thinking of getting a travelex card too just incase something happens to my other one. The only thing is when I have used the travelex in the past it has to be in just one currency I think.
I can’t believe it’s only that far away. The next couple of months will go so fast and we’ll be there!!!
It’s great to hear of others going. My name is Anneliesse and my boyfriend is Rod. Will be good to meet when it starts. Are you going with anyone?


Hi guys
So good to hear others booked onto this tour as I’m travelling alone - will meet you in Paris. Have added a couple of extra nights in Paris as have been to London before & we finish there.
Really looking forward to the trip - started righting a list of things to take. Weather is in the teens pretty well the whole time. But if it doesn’t rain I’ll be happy!!!