Europe Uncovered May 7th 2018


Hey Everyone!

My partner, my brother and I are doing this amazing sounding trip in May! First time to Europe for all of us and we are very excited :slight_smile: We are 24/25 from Perth and was wondering who else is joining us on this trip? :slight_smile:


Hey Emma!

Is your Trip starting on the 9th of may? London to London? I’m also on this trip as well. First time in Europe for me as well! have you downloaded the top deck app on your phone yet? :slight_smile:


Hey Michael!
Yes that’s the one! No I haven’t, any good?


It’s okay it’s has everyone on the trip so far and has a group chat on there only thing is is no one is talking on it yet haha but I would recommend downloading it. It will ask for some information but yeah has the itinerary on it as well all sorts of stuff :blush: