Europe Uncovered - May 20 departure


Hey guys,[br][br]I’m looking at going on the tour departing on May 20 and I was wondering what you thought of this particular tour? Whats was the weather like? Any advice? Is anyone else going?[br][br]Thanks :-)[br][br]Nathan[br][br]


We are on the same tour but 3rd June - it was guaranteed and the same price! Plus weather will be nicer - especially for our 3 nights in Croatia! :slight_smile:


Cool. [br][br]One of the things that attracted me to this tour was partying in Croatia. (There is some really good footage on youtube of this.)It looks so much fun!![br][br][br][br]


hi[br]i did this exact tour in july last year [br]the island of pag in croatia is amazing, non stop partying and fun. there is a 24 hour beach party on the other side of the island, there is a bus that will take u there. i cant exactly remenber but i know there was quite afew nightclubs side by side, alot of them have pools and slides so u can go for a dip.[br]which hotel r u staying at in pag?[br]the one we stayed at was the perfect location only a couple of metres from the water but there was no air con, we all suffered badly as it was 40 degrees.[br]let mu know if there is anything u want to know about this tour


no air con?!!? if i pay $4000 i expect air con!!?! hahaha oh well its all part of doing the traveling thing and having 'experiences" huh!