Europe Uncovered May 19th 2011


My hubby and I are going on the Europe Uncovered tour, starting on May 19th.
Is anyone else going on this?





I’m Melissa… will be on this tour with my bf Matt. Its both our first trip to Europe, i’ve done a few tours with Contiki before in the states and cant wait to see these amazing parts of the world!!

Look forward to meeting u both and everyone else that will be joining us :slight_smile:



Hi Melissa
This is our first trip to Europe and our first tour, so we are both super excited.

Good to hear that there is going to be someone else on the tour with us!


Hi, my flight to the europe winter tour was cancelled, so I’m thinking about joining this one, if any, since its after uni final exams. My classmates said I didn’t lose much since europe is much better in summer than winter. Let me know what you guys think.


This will be my first time in Europe, so Im unsure if its better in winter or summer. But I’m guessing any place is better in summer!!



I’ll also be on this tour with my bf =) it will be part of our 8 months travelling the world.
I’ve been on a european contiki before, summer is definitely the go!

Can’t wait to meet you all.



hey all,

me and my wife are about to book this tour,should be all booked by the end of the week so ill keep you informed


Hi Luke
Did u end up booking this tour?


we are all booked and looking forward to meeting everybody, is anyone on facebook…


Ive started a group on facebook!!
Feel free to join if you want to.


hi everyone i have also joind the facebook group, i look forward to hearing from everyone.


anyone else who is going on this tour, feel free to join the facebook group.
just search for europe uncovered 19 may 2011


I’ve done this tour. Happy to aswer any questions.


hello is anyone else doing this tour :slight_smile:


Hiya everyone
Don’t forget to join our Topdeck group on Facebook


Not long to go now. Getting very excited.