Europe Uncovered - Just Done It


Hi there,[br][br]I have just finished the Europe Uncovered tour which ran from 3rd to 25th June. It was the most awesome 3 weeks and I can’t recommend it enough.[br][br]Feel free to ask for any advice or anything about this tour.[br][br]Alex


Hey,[br][br]Did you need a jacket or jumper? Was it really necessary to have and how warm would you recommend it to be?[br][br]Thanks![br][br]Grand European July 2009[br]+ Greek Islands Fun in the Sun


Hi Mike,[br][br]We were very lucky with the weather. It was hot and sunny pretty much every day apart from 1 awful day in Switzerland when it rained all day. And we had little bits of rain in Prague and Berlin.[br][br]I would definitely take a jumper. Doesn’t take up much room and there will be times when you need it, often if you are out late at night. I took a backpack out with me most days and stuffed 1 in there just in case. A waterproof jacket should be taken too. Some in our group didn’t bring one and really needed it that day out in Lucerne. In 3 weeks it’s sure to rain at least once or twice. Also, it does get quite cool up Mount Rigi so you might appreciate a jumper while you are up there.[br][br]Pack as light as possible too. Try to stick to the suggested clothing list Topdeck give. Most of us took too much stuff and with things we bought, bags were exploding by the end. Also be aware that often you will have to carry your stuff up stairs for 2 or 3 floors as some of the hotels don’t have lifts and some have lifts that can only fit 1 person and their bag.[br][br]Alex


Thanks Alex! [br][br]Can you also please confirm the hostels have blankets etc…[br][br]Grand European July 2009[br]+ Greek Islands Fun in the Sun


This was a hotel trip so I can’t speak for the hostels. But the hotels generally had 2 layers on the bed. A sheet and something thicker like a duvet or blanket. It was usually so hot that you wouldn’t need the thicker layer.[br][br]Alex


Thanks[br][br]Grand European July 2009[br]+ Greek Islands Fun in the Sun


Hey Alex,[br][br]Great to hear you had a good trip.[br][br]Out of curiousity, did you like Topdeck or Contiki better? [br][br]Nic


Hey Nic,[br][br]I have just got back from my Great Britain tour with Contiki last night.[br][br]I can’t say which I liked better. They were both probably the best things I’ve ever done and I would happily do another tour with either company again in the future. [br][br]I know there are different reputations if you research enough but from my experience, they were pretty much the same thing with a different name written on the side of the bus. Both were run to perfection.[br][br]Alex


Hi ajc28![br][br]Glad you enjoyed your trip! [br][br]I was wondering what time you had to get up every morning? Was there a set time or did it vary? [br][br]Thanks!


Hi,[br][br]It varied slightly depending on the length of the drive (ie, for the longest ones it was a bit earlier) but I think generally we had 7.30-8am departures.[br][br]Then on the free days it’s up to you although if you sleep in late then you’ve lost half the day by the time you get into town.[br][br]Alex


Thanks for that! Im arriving early morning of the day of my tour so I just wanted to see what time everyone gets up![br][br]Just another question… at the end of your tour you ended in London. Do they take you to a hotel? Did you stay at a hotel after the tour? If so which hotel? My tour isn’t until the end of November but im just trying to organise to catch up with friends and family in London as Christmas time is a busy time with going away! (plus its a bit exciting haha!)[br][br]Thanks so much for your help! :slight_smile:


That’s ok.[br][br]At the end they dropped us back at the Umi Hotel in Bayswater where the tour starts from. We got back there probably around 7pm-ish and said all our farewells etc.[br][br]Some stayed there that night, others stayed elsewhere. I didn’t stay at a hotel as I’ve been staying with my Grandmother in Wembley. I’m still in London with her although have been out of London a few times to visit other places.[br][br]Also with regards to the times for leaving and things each day, the trip leader puts a day sheet up in the hotel reception with all the info needed for that location on it (times to meet to go somewhere, departure time, advice for getting to certain places etc).[br][br]Alex[br]