Europe Uncovered June 9th - 30th


Hi All,

I’ve just booked for this tour today and am very excited!

Looking through the past posts however I cannot find a previous discussion on the June 9th tour.

Surely I can’t be going on my own, send us a message if you’re on this tour!

Ali :slight_smile:


yay found someone on the same tour! :slight_smile: not long now! are u going on your own?

im traveling with my boyfriend. so exited!!



Nice to hear from you gosh I thought I was never going to find anyone!

What’s your name?

Have you done a tour before?


My name is Kelly… Havnt done a tour before! Will be our first time over.
Have u toured before? And are U going solo?



You are not alone, we too (my partner and I) have booked on the tour just 4 days ago.

Man its not long to go we were cutting it fine!!


not long at all!! how exiting :slight_smile:


PnM, what’s your names?

Looking forward to meeing you and having a blast on the trip!

I might just be the 5 of us at this rate… haha


Hey guys, my partner and I are also booked on this tour, we are counting down the sleeps :slight_smile: