Europe Uncovered July 1st 2008


[br]Hey,[br][br]Just wanted to know if anyone is going on this tour??? Me and my boyfriend are booked and cant wait!! It would be great to know who else will be coming. :)[br][br]


Hi Kelly![br][br]I’m going on this tour and I’m so excited! I want to get in the plane right now. My name is Beatriz, I’m 21, and from Mexico. [br][br]Looking forward to meet you!! :-/[br][br]


Hi Beatriz,[br][br]How are you!! im SOOO excited about going!! i cant wait!! Im 19 and from Australia… so i cant wait to see everything… Are you going with anyone or are you travelling alone?? Its going to be great. im so glad someone finally replied back to me… So i look forward to meeting you!![br][br]:slight_smile: CANT WAIT!!