Europe Uncovered July 15th


Hey,[br][br]I am planning on booking myself on the Europe Uncovered trip departing on July 15th and was wondering if anyone else has booked it?[br][br]I am from Sydney but have in London the past 3 years and am finally getting to see Euope.[br][br]Lisa.[br][br]:slight_smile:


Hi there Lisa![br][br]My b/f and I just booked this tour leaving July 15th also. We booked only a month in advance. We are really excited as it is our first time touring Europe. We are from Canada. We will be staying at the Globetrotter inn on the 14th night:)[br][br]-Melissa


Hi Melissa,[br][br]Cool I am getting excited as well as I have been living here for far too long and seen nowhere near as much as I should have by now. Where are in Canada are you guys from?[br][br]Lisa.


Awesome! I feel the same. lol. We are from Mississauga (aka Toronto), and we go to school at Brock University. Its my last year, so I figured it is about time I travel. Are you traveling solo? [br]Also, I was wondering if you know what they mean by no “frame” suitcases. I cant figure this out. And dont want to be the one who’s luggage gets left behind…lol


Hey there![br][br]I’m flying from Melbourne on the 13th for the Uncovered trip on the 15th. Staying at the Globetrotter on the 13th and 14th. First time over to Europe. See you there![br][br]Cheers,[br][br]Adrian


Hi Guys[br][br]Yes were flying on the 13th too. And staying at Globetrotter on the 14th night. Not sure what a mixed room is…lol. Oh well, this should be fun[br]Looking forward to meeting you all:)[br]-Meliss[br][br]