Europe Uncovered, Iberian Coast & Greek Islands


Hey all,

I’ve just booked into a few tours! It’s going to be one massive holiday! - so excited ;D

Is anyone else doing any of these tours?

Europe Uncovered 25th April 2013 - 16th May 2013?
Iberian Coast 21st May 2013 - 3rd June 2013?
Greek Island Hopper 3rd June 2013 - 12th June 2013?


Hi Dee!

I’ll be on the Europe Uncovered Tour…then I’m joining the Britain and Ireland tour on the 19th of may…

You’re itinerary sounds amazing!




Hi Lalita,

Thank you! I’m starting to get a little excited/nervous now, it’s not too far away! Your trip sounds great too!

Looking forward to meeting you on the tour! Where are you coming from? Are you travelling on your own?

:slight_smile: Dee


Hi Dee,

I’m booked to do the Greek Island Hopper as well!
Sounds like you have one massive holiday planned!
I’m doing a Contiki through Italy before heading to Greece.

Rochelle. :slight_smile:


Hi Rochelle,

Awesome! Will catch you then! :slight_smile:
Ooo sounds good, how long is your contiki tour though Italy?
Where abouts in Aus are you from? I’m from Melbourne, it’s my first adventure on my own, so it’s great to touch base with people before hand.
Look forward to meeting you in Greece,

Dee :slight_smile:


Hi Dee

My partner Matt & I have booked the same Europe Uncovered tour! I want to go now!!! So hard to stay focused at work!



Hey Kaz!

Tell me about it! Incredibly hard to stay focused at work, but time is flying and it will come up before we know it!
Looking forward to meeting you both in London! :slight_smile:



Hi Dee,

Sorry for the late reply…I’m from Malaysia but live in Melbourne…it’s soo close…too excited for words!