Europe Uncovered departing june 27th


Hey! I’m meeting this tour in london!
Travelling alone and departing on the 27th of june! Who else is going! Getting excited and looking forward to seeing who else is coming also!!



hey! same here, I’m travelling alone and meeting the group in London!



Hello, I am travelling alone as well… would be nice to know who all are going, makes it easier to have a good time, I guess. Also, am not really the extroverted type, so feeling a little apprehensive as well… :slight_smile:


Hey, I’m also travelling solo and starting in London, can’t wait!!
Will you guys be staying at clink?


Hey, I am also doing this trip solo leaving from London. First time out of Australia so could be interesting.

Is everyone staying at Clink the night before or the Umi hotel?


Thanks for the input, I’m just trying to figure out where to stay beforehand, might go Umi


I’ll be in London from the 24th and am still yet to book a place to stay. Is anyone staying on after the tour ends? Im thinking of going to Spain if anyone i interested in joining. If anyone is interested in getting to know people before the tour so they aren’t completely in the deep end - feel free to add me on fb :slight_smile: Logan Salmon - Brisbane - 20
I use that alot more!


Hi All

My boyfriend Chris and I will be on this tour, we are staying at the Umi hotel the night before we leave! We are from Perth Aus, can’t wait not long now :slight_smile:


Hey Logan

I am staying for a few extra nights afterwards and trying to decide what to do because I have the 19th, 20th free then back in London for the 21st. I would be interested in Spain but not sure if I have enough time, otherwise I was considering Manchester or Liverpool.

Don’t know if you have come across this Facebook one yet, hopefully the link works,