Europe Uncovered- Departing 23rd Sept


Just wondering if anyone else is on this tour??[br]I will be staying at the Globetrotter before and after the tour.[br]Looking forward to the trip already…Lets go


Hi Jimmy,[br][br]I am on this tour and will also be staying at the globetrotter.[br][br]Can’t wait to leave![br][br]Jen


Hey Jen,[br][br]Great to know I’m not the only person on this trip. Where in OZ are you from? Pretty keen to see Europe. Not sure what to expect from the weather that time of the year in Europe. Only about 40 days to go!!!


Just keeping this topic in the loop. Surely there are more people coming on this tour??? Not long now…


Hey Jimmy, when do you get in to London?


Hey Jen,[br]I get into London on the 22nd. Spoke to topdeck and they informed me that there were 35 people on the tour (2 weeks ago). When do you get into London? Not long now! Time is going really slow at the moment. Ready to start the trip now.


Yeah I get in at 5.30am on the 22nd. Glad to hear that it’s not just the 2 of us (no offence :)). My time is going pretty fast, I have a lot of work to finish up before I leave. I haven’t started packing or anything yet, so that’s a bit scary. 11 days! Woot woot[br]


Hey Jen, I get in at 4-50pm. Then straight on the tube for Globetrotter. Don’t think I will pack till the last minute. Working most days till I leave. Bring on the 23rd![br]ANyone else on the trip we would love to hear from ya!!!


Hi Guys,[br][br]Now there are two more on the trip. My wife Allison and I are coming from Australia and we are both really looking forward to seeing europe and meeting new people. We are staying at the Express Holiday Inn at Hammersmith.[br] 1 week to go!!!


Yay! Almost there…[br][br]Where in Aus are you from?[br][br]Jen[br][br]-Europe Uncovered 23 Sept


5 days!! (just keeping us in the loop)[br][br]Jen[br][br]-Europe Uncovered 23 Sept


5 Days to go. Can’t wait till Sep 23 to come. Lets go…[br]Anyone else coming???[br][br]Not sure If I am taking camcorder yet as it is something extra to pack and lug around!!![br][br]Europe Uncovered 23 Sept