Europe Uncovered Departing 18th of August 2016


Hey All,

Just wondering if anyone is going to the Europe Uncovered leaving the 18th of august?




Hi :blush:
I’ve booked in to do this one!
Solo traveler but super excited and looking forward to going!



My Boyfriend and I are on this tour!! :). we’re so excited, can’t wait :slight_smile:
We’re from Perth, Australia.
How bout you guys?



I’m from Ballarat, Victoria, about an hour west of Melbourne.
Im doing the Britain and Ireland tour before this one, but I’ll be staying at The Burns for the 2 nights before this trip if anyone wanTs to catch up beforehand :blush:



Hey Lucy and Michelle,

Sorry I didn’t reply earlier, my girlfriend and I are doing this and are coming from Geelong, So not far from you Lucy.
We have a few days in Paris prior to the tour so we are going to meet the group there as its just easier for us.


Hi There :slight_smile:

Haha, No way! My partner is originally from Geelong! :slight_smile:
We are doing a week in Spain by ourselves prior, but the 2 nights before the tour we will be staying at the Burns in London also…, definitely would be keen for a catch up (and some drinks) beforehand!


Hey guys!

My girlfriend and I are going on this tour too! We’ll be staying at the Burns hotel for a few nights before the tour as well so we’ll definitely have to catch up beforehand :slight_smile:

We’re both from Newcastle, NSW.

I was thinking of making a Facebook group in the future for all the people on the tour to organise things and catch up? Anyone interested?

Looking forward to meeting you all :slight_smile:

Zac + Eryn


Hi Guys,

Julian and Vanessa here from NZ - we will be seeing you on the 18th of August too. Can’t wait! (not looking forward to the 6.30am start though). :slight_smile:


Hey all,

I am doing this tour solo and will be arriving the day before we depart. Staying at Burns hotel so would be keen for a catch up on the evening before we leave.



Hi everyone :slight_smile:

I’m Abegail from Melbourne and will be doing this tour alone.

I would arrive in London on 15 August and hasn’t book my accommodation yet…

I’m excited and it’s gonna be my first time in Europe.

Looking forward to meeting you guys xx


Hey everyone.

My boyfriend and I are booked onto this tour!

We arrive the 14th August and will be at the Burns Hotel the night before. We are also staying back in London afterwards till the 13th Sept! We have never been overseas so looking forward to it!

xx Darren + Ellie (Adelaide)


Looks like we’ll get to mostly have a catchup the night before :blush:
A Facebook group would be a great idea!
I’m also not looking forward to the early morning, but my travel agent recently let me know that the Burns will prepack a breakfast for us if we let them know Rs night before, so we get to sleep in slightly later :confused:


I was looking through other topics, and this tour was recommended by a previous traveller. Was wondering if anyone else would be keen on doing it?


what’s your fb or number?


If anyone wants to add me on Facebook I’m Lucy Cowie and pretty easy to find :slight_smile:


Hi Everyone,

My best mate and I have also booked this tour! We’re from Brissy, QLD!

We arrive the night before and would be keen to meet up (with anyone arriving early) and have a chilled night accompanied with a few beverages. Has someone created a fb group that we could join?



I have made a Facebook group now if anybody wants to join. Just search Topdeck Europe Uncovered - August 18th 2016 :slight_smile:


Can’t seem to find it :confused:

#19 :smile:


Hey Everyone, My boyfriend, Ben and I will be doing this tour with you all, we will be meeting everyone in Paris. Cant wait to meet you all. I think a facebook group is a great idea :slight_smile: if anyone wants to find me on facebook my name is Maddy Dunn.
We are both from Sydney, Australia