Europe Uncovered Depart 27th June 2013!


Hey guys

My boyfriend and I are booking this tour on Sunday, anyone else thinking about doing this tour?



My boyfriend and I booked this tour a few weeks ago :slight_smile:


Hi Lani

sounds exciting! I really can’t wait!!


Same, my partner and I are trying to work out all the things we want to see while were are over there. Hopefully we’ll have a nice friendly group of people on the tour :slight_smile:


How long will you be in Europe for? We are going to be in London a few days before & after the tour and then stopping Singapore on the way home for 4 days :slight_smile:


We will be in London 3 days before the tour starts and 1 day after the tour ends. We are then travelling around for another 2 weeks before we go back home.


Hey, is there anyone else going on this tour?


Hey, my sister & I have booked the tour :slight_smile:


Thats great! :slight_smile:


Hey, ive booked this tour departing on the 27th of june! Anyone else going solo? :slight_smile: