Europe uncovered dep 10 May 17


Hey everyone, I’ve just paid the deposit for this tour and thought I’d check to see if anyone else is going? Would love to hear from anyone else beforehand. I’m from Melbourne and will be a solo traveller for this trip.


Hello, I’m on this trip as well Really looking forward to it.


Hey AJ, nice to meet someone else who’s going to be on the tour! Really looking forward to it. I’m going to be paying off the balance next week and make it official.

Are you going with friends or solo like me? Hoping I’m not the only solo traveller on the tour lol. I’ll be getting to the hotel the day before the tour starts, but if we get a few more responses, might see if anyone wants to catch-up pre tour.


Hey ya.

I’m flying solo on this one. I’m coming from new Zealand. Where abouts are you from ? I get into London at about 4.30 the day b4. It would be great to get to know a few people before Yeh. Wait and see how many make contact :blush:
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I’m a guy in his 30s from Aus (Melbourne), so hoping I’m not the oldest person on this tour! I’ll be doing my own thing before joining up with topdeck but I’ll be staying at the topdeck hotel before and after the tour. I’ll be doing the full 23 days but my travel agent told me this tour also splits in two shorter tours as well.

Just noticed our tour is almost sold out so hopefully we get a good crew. If you want to get in touch beforehand my email address is


Hey guys,

I’ll be there with you fellas as well. I’m 31, solo, and coming from NZ so Riff sounds like your not the only one in your prime years flying solo, lol. I picked Top Deck over Contiki because it seamed like it’s a slightly older crowd.

I’m in an around London for a couple weeks before we set off an staying in Europe afterwards for a few weeks traveling around by train to a few of the places we miss.

Keen as for a pub meet up beforehand, staying at the Burns Western the night before as well.


Hey Chris.

Good timing on the response! Got the trip confirmation from Topdeck this arvo, so there’s no turning back!

I’ll be coming in from Manchester the day before the tour, but should be in London by That afternoon and I’m checked into the best western burns as well. I’m definitely keen to catch up with you guys the night before the tour if you’re keen?



Hey guys
Should I make a group Facebook page and we can catch up on there get to know a few people abit before hand? That way once our tour has started the rest of the crew can join up on it to and stay in touch. What do you think?


Yeah. That’s a good idea AJ. I’ll join for sure. I’m on the topdeck app, which has a chat feature and have met a few others who’s on the trip so I’ll mention it once you set it up.


Hey awesome so Iv made the page up. It’s top deck 10th may 2017 Europe uncovered