Europe Uncovered August 23rd 2012 (HTPA)


Hey everyone, I’m looking to book this tour in the next couple of weeks, exciting ;D Have waited for so long to see Europe and am in desperate need of a holiday. Is anyone else doing this tour on this date?


Booked my airfares today ;D Just curious, as this departure date doesn’t have “Guaranteed departure” next to it, what’s the likelihood of it being cancelled? I’ve noticed every second departure date has the Guaranteed Departure marker on them. Is there a minimum number a group needs in order for the tour to run? I spent more on my airfare in order to be able to make date changes to accommodate otherwise.


Hi Mwarp. I booked for the August 30th for the Roman Road (first part of europe uncovered). When i booked it last november, it was not a guaranteed departure, however it was only last month that it became guaranteed. You are better off checking the website often for updates, but you still have a good 6 months!


Thanks for the reply. I booked this tour today ;D I am fairly confident given that it’s an August departure and therefore a summer/beginning of shoulder season tour that it would have a good chance of becoming a Guaranteed Departure. I did a Contiki tour in 2009 across America that I booked 9 months before departure that wasn’t a Guaranteed Departure, but ended up not only becoming one, but ended up so big that the tour had two buses/66 people! Am keen to meet anyone else who may be going on this tour.


Tour still not a Guaranteed departure - should I be concerned yet?

My big airfare and my London to Athens airfares are booked, this tour and my following Greek Island tour is booked, London accommodation booked, airport transfers and travel insurance are paid. This trip really needs to hurry up!




Thats exactly how i felt when my tour became a guaranteed departure!! I’ll be starting a week after you. Hope you enjoy your trip!!


It’s definitely a relief not having to worry about the possibility of cancellation anymore, especially after having my flight departure date changed without notice and causing me a bit of grief fixing it.

If anyone is doing this tour, there’s a Facebook page for it - feel free to have a look!


Bumping this topic. Can’t believe there’s nobody posting on these forums doing the same tour yet! As the tour is now a confirmed departure there has to be at least 20 people in the group.


Quickly approaching the 100 days to go mark…slowly but surely getting closer! ;D


Less than three months to go, woohoo. Bought my London Pass today :slight_smile:


Just wondering how old everyone else going on this tour is [I’ll be 23 at the time of the tour] and are many people travelling alone?


Hey, I’m 27, turning 28 a couple of weeks after this tour ends. I’m traveling solo. Are you doing this tour as well?


I’m thinking I will just wanted to get an idea of ages of others going on the tour.


It would be a fair guess I think that the average age would be 24/25, if it’s anything like my Contiki tour in America was. The oldest person on our tour was 35.


Six weeks to go! ;D