Europe Uncovered August 2020

Hi all,

Just wondering if there was anyone who would be going on this tour?.
Will be departing 14th August from London, coming from Australia.

Just thought I’d scope out any see if there are any other people who will be in the same situation. Will be first time traveller into Europe as a solo too- keen to make some travel buddy’s

Look forward to hearing from you guys, pretty excited :slight_smile:


Hey Antony,

I am doing the Europe Uncovered tour as well! Unfortunately, my tour departs on 7th of June, 2020.

I was going to start a new thread asking the same question, but for the dates that my tour departs. I figured I would tail onto your thread. Hope you don’t mind!

With that said, if anyone is doing the “Europe Uncovered” tour - Departing London on 07/06/2020, give me a yell! Would be great to meet some of you guys before hand!


Cam :slight_smile:

Hi Cam,

It’s a shame we aren’t on the same dates, but good to hear there’s someone else doing it too. Where are you flying from?

The recent events with the coronavirus (COVID-19) have gotten me nervous about how the tour will be affected in places such as Italy and other places close to the affected borders. Am monitoring world news and travel advice warnings, hopefully it doesn’t come to stage that will need to cancel…:confused:

Hey there. This looks dope… The part with Corona virus does put a dent in the plans of going to Europe. I do feel thought that it will blow over soon.

Well I feel like if you are going to go to Europe all you need to do is follow basic hygiene rules. I recently came back from Europe and everything seems fine.