Europe uncovered aug 23rd-sep14th 17?


Hi. Just wondering if anyone else is booked to do this trip? I’m from Newcastle NSW and travelling alone.


Hi Olivia. I’ve booked myself in for this trip too. I’m also travelling solo. First time traveller, long time listener (of other people’s travel adventures). I’m from Melb, VIC.


Hi Pauline. Great to hear I won’t be the only one travelling solo haha! Will you be in London at all before the tour starts? I will be arriving 4 nights before it starts :blush:


Hi. I actually haven’t booked flights yet. Who are you flying with? I was thinking I’d try & aim to get to London a day or two beforehand to get my bearings & maybe even try & do a little sightseeing before the tour kicks off. I’ve got another couple of days there at the end of the trip as well. Do we know if the tour’s been confirmed yet? I know it’s not guaranteed unless they get the numbers to fill it, or at least 20ppl.


Yes I want to do some London sight seeing before the tour too. Would be great to have some company! Yeah it’s confirmed. Which is a relief haha. Do you know if there’s a Facebook group or anything for our tour yet?


Hey guys! I’ve booked on this trip too but the one before! I’m very excited but am yet to find anyone on the tour! Hope you have a great time :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m booked for this trip too (the one on Aug 23rd- Sep 14th) but I’m starting in Paris instead of London. Will meet you both in Paris. I’m also going solo. I’ve gone to Europe solo before and it’s so much easier in a tour group. So don’t stress we’ll have fun! :grinning: