Europe Uncovered April 18th 2013


Heya Everyone!

Just wondering if anyone is booked on this tour?? Haven’t seen any posts as yet! :slight_smile:
Looking forward to the trip ;D


Hi Ruthie, yes I’m booked for this tour as well! Cant wait :slight_smile:


Awesome! Should be a good trip :slight_smile:


Is this your first trip to Europe?
I’m from the Gold Coast and never been to Europe before.


Yeppo, this is my first trip to Europe.
Heading to Scotland with a friend before the tour starts. Will be traveling solo for the tour though.
I’m from Perth, so all the way on the other side of the country!


Ill be in London for a few days prior catching up with family. I’m travelling solo for the trip as well !


awesome, good to know there is at least one other solo traveler in the group :slight_smile:


Hi ruthie and shaun! My boyfriend and I are booked on the first half of this tour, called roman road, and then we are doing the Greek island hopper tour! Originally booked a different tour but it was cancelled. I saw that there are other people booked for the same date on the top deck meet app/Facebook page for top deck. Can’t wait!


Hi Alex, so how many days are you guys doing ? Look forward to meeting you!


We are doing the first 9 days of the tour. Our flight back to Canada is from Athens so we decided to do two different tours instead of paying extra fees to change our flight. We will be in london for a week prior to the tour.


Hey Alex,
That’s great that you get to do the Greek Islands too!
I’ll be in London for 2 days before the tour starts. Can’t wait to meet you all


Hey have you guys gotten any travel documents yet? Topdeck only emailed me the itinerary that is on the website. Do you know if we are supposed to get a more detailed itinerary mailed to us prior to the trip? The agent I had been dealing with said we only get the info sent by email.


Alex I have received no documents whatsoever. The travel agent said that they would contact me 4-6 weeks before my trip starts to give me the official package from topdeck. Haven’t heard anything from them.


Hi guys, I got the documents through my travel agent two weeks ago. It’s just a detailed itinerary and the page of extra activities that’s on the net.
They also included the top deck trip voucher which just includes your travel reference number, name and departure date of the tour.
I booked through STA Travel, and I went in to see why I’d not gotten any more documentation and they rang topdeck in front of me and said it was something to do with them not having knowing what nationality was on my passport. As soon as they had that I had the documentation within 2 hours emailed to me by my travel agent :slight_smile:
I hope this helps!
Not too long now !! :slight_smile:


Oh ic. I booked with topdeck directly and they didn’t ask anything about a passport. They said they send the documents by email only. What other documents did you get? I was hoping for at least a hotel list to see where we are staying.


I just got the itinerary, the extra activities sheet and the topdeck voucher. There was nothing about the accom. whilst on tour


I called the travel agent and have since received the itinerary, trip voucher and extra activities sheet. No list of hotels. Excitement is building !!!


I’m getting excited too!! Flying out Monday! Eeeeek!


Hope you got some warm clothes…! Its going to be a bit of a shock to our system i reckon lol


Will be a big shock to our systems!
I have to get thermals this week before I leave!! I didn’t expect the weather to still be as cold as it is! I have a friend in London who’s only advice is to take a really warm jacket and sturdy umbrella!