Europe Uncovered 9 June 2010



Is anyone else booked on the Europe Uncovered tour, leaving 9th June 2010?

IÂ’m from Wellington, New Zealand and will be traveling alone.

Look forward to hearing from anyone. :slight_smile:



Hi Juliet, my girlfriend and I are also booked on this tour.
Only 2 months to go!



I just booked to do this tour. I am from Brisbane, Australia and am also travelling alone.

Looking forward to it !

Lisa B-)


Hi Guys

Nice to see I wont be the only one on the bus! :slight_smile: Looking forward to meeting you.

Only one month to go! Can’t beleive it. I’m off to New York in a couple of weeks to see family and then direct to London the day before the tour. Where are you staying the night before?



Yep, not long to go now, getting exciting!

The night before, I will be staying in the Umi hotel. I figured that it will be an early start and might be easier than me trying to navigate London at that time of the morning.



Hi everyone,

My husband and I are from the Gold Coast and we are also on this tour.
We will be staying at Umi Hotel pre tour. So exciting and the count down is on!! woohoo!


One week to go fellow travellers! I am currently in the USA visiting family and will be flying into London the day before we leave. I’ve booked to stay at the Umi too, so look forward to meeting you all there.

Take care and travel safe on your way to London.

J :slight_smile: