Europe Uncovered 7 July 2010


I booked this tour a couple of weeks ago, very excited! Anyone else going?


I am doing this tour… Very excited as well. [br][br]It will be my first time to Europe - How about you? [br][br]Really looking forward to it


Yep it’s my first time going to Europe too :slight_smile: I’m going with my boyfriend and we’re doing a Contiki around the UK and Ireland before this tour.[br][br]Where are you from? I’m in New Zealand :slight_smile:


I did Europe Uncovered in June this year and also the Contiki tour around the UK (I didn’t do the Ireland bit). You will have the time of your life. :slight_smile:


My husband and I are doing the tour. We are from Australia. We are only doing London before the tour… Your plans sound great!! [br][br]Look forward to meeting you in person on the tour… [br]


Hi guys![br][br]Hubby and I will be joining you guys in Rome (Venetian trail part! We will be doing western part of Europe on our own ~ this will be interesting.[br][br]Seems like this tour group is going to be quite big because last time i checked only 6 spots left![br][br]:D[br]shez


hello,[br][br]do any of you’s have your travel docs already? I’m interested in checking out the hotels before we go. Please type them out if you know :)[br][br]thanks[br]shez


I’ll see if I can find my documents from this year’s tour and give you the hotels we used if you like. Some may change (and apparently Paris is always different), but some should stay the same I imagine.


Shez, that’s exciting to know there’s not many spots left![br][br]I haven’t received any travel documents yet. I only just paid in full before 31st of December so I got the discount, and I’ve booked everything through my travel agents so I guess they’ll go to her and I’ll get them with all the rest of my documents. I definitely want to check them out before I go!


oh cool! I only booked and pd for mine before 31st Dec as well. I paid in pounds so it was cheaper because of the exchange rate… gd tip for buying stuff right now![br][br]I’m only joining the last leg of this tour (rome-london)but this is what my travel agent supplied me with - subject to change.[br][br]Rome Pickup: 4.00pm Hotel Beethoven (Topdeck) - Rome[br][br]Hotel Centrale (Topdeck) - Venice[br][br]Hotel Loza (Topdeck) - Novalja[br][br]Ljubljana Resort Hotel & Camping (Topdeck) - Ljubljana[br][br]Hotel Haunsperger hof - Salzburg[br][br]Olympik Hotel Tristar (Topdeck) - Prague[br][br]1 Hotel Arrival (Topdeck) ? Berlin[br][br]Hotel Casa 400 (Topdeck) ? Amsterdam [br][br]London Dropoff: 9.00pm Umi Hotel Bayswater Cnf[br][br]:D[br][br][br][br]


Those are all the same as we had in June.[br][br]Hotel Beethoven is a decent room although the provided dinner was pretty poor - the vegetarian choice which I had was a piece of cheese and some peas.[br][br]Hotel Centrale was ok, pretty good location for the buses into Venice and we had a good provided dinner at a restaurant nearby.[br][br]Hotel Loza was nice, stunning views of the water. Can get a bit hot at night as they don’t have air conditioning. The food there is very good.[br][br]Ljubljana Resort was a nice room although you’re barely there. You head into town for a short orientation tour and dinner after checking in, and sleep there the one night then leave early next morning. [br][br]Haunsperger was ok although like Ljubljana you’re barely there. 1 computer downstairs with free internet.[br][br]Hotel Arrival is quite a good location and decent rooms. Good breakfast there.[br][br]Casa 400 is pretty nice and a decent location for getting about.[br][br]Overall, all the hotels were good enough apart from Paris which was not very good.


Thanks for the great info on the Hotels. I have started looking some of them up.[br][br]Does anyone know when we find out about the optional activities for this tour?[br][br]We have paid in full but don’t have any travel documents yet. We booked through a Travel Agent.[br][br]Thanks Kate


I booked through a travel agent about 6 months ahead and got the documents within a few weeks of paying in full so they shouldn’t take too long.[br][br]The optionals we had in June were (all prices are off the top of my head so may not be 100% right):[br][br]Paris: [br]Cabaret Show - About 54 Euros - Expensive but fully recommend it. Very entertaining show and probably a once in a lifetime sort of thing to see.[br][br]Fat Bike Tour - About 20 Euros - I didn’t do it but everyone who did really enjoyed it. Instead I did a free 3 hours walking tour which I’d also recommend.[br][br]River Seine Cruise - About 8 Euros - Nice way to relax after a day of rushing around and you get a good commentary.[br][br]Switzerland:[br][br]Cable Car down Mt Rigi and cruise to Lucerne to spend the day - Can’t really remember the price but I don’t remember it being too bad - Definitely recommend so you get to see a bit of Switzerland, and otherwise you’d be stuck up Mt Rigi with nothing really to do.[br][br]Rome:[br][br]Vatican Guided Tour - About 37 Euros - Very informative guide. Drags on a bit but worth it to beat the queues and get a lot of extra info.[br][br]Venice:[br][br]Gondola Ride - About 19 Euros - Must do. You can’t go to Venice and not do this. They cost about 120 Euros to hire if you want your own one, so with the group it’s not much each between 6 people.[br][br]Slovenia:[br][br]Postojna Caves - About 18 Euros - Pretty cool to see all the underground caves and if you don’t do it you’ll basically be waiting above by yourself for an hour or so while everyone else does it. Remember to have a jumper on the bus this day as it’s pretty cold in the caves.[br][br]Croatia:[br][br]Cruise to Rab Island for the day - About 20 Euros - Good day if you want to see a bit more of Croatia than Pag and get a few different beaches. But you wouldn’t miss an awful lot by staying back on Pag and exploring or hitting the beaches there.[br][br]Austria:[br][br]Salzburg - Sound of Music Tour - About 25 Euros or thereabouts - This is not an included option. Our guide and quite a few in the group were pretty keen to do it if we got there in time (this tour doesn’t usually make it into Salzburg in time which is why it’s not usually an option), and we managed to make it with a minute or 2 to spare so did this tour. Dragged on a bit and some didn’t enjoy it but I quite liked it. Got to see quite a bit of that part of Austria compared to those who stayed back.[br][br]Mauthausan - Concentration Camp - 2 Euros - See a video about what went on there and have time to look around the grounds. As someone whose ancestors were almost certainly held there and other similar places it was important to me to see it.[br][br]Germany:[br][br]Berlin - 3rd Reich Walking Tour - About 10 Euros - Excellent tour of some of the main WW2 sights and a very knowledgeable and interesting guide. Probably the best option we did.[br][br]Pub Crawl - Can’t remember price - Can’t comment as I fell ill that day so unfortunately had to pull out of it, but I think everyone enjoyed it.[br][br]Amsterdam:[br][br]Evening Canal Cruise - About 25 Euros or so (all drinks included) - Good fun and a must do for the last night together as a group.[br][br]Sex Show - About 30 Euros I think - Definitely a once in a lifetime thing to see. Basically sex and a number of ridiculous different acts live on stage plus a good chance of being pulled up to take part in them! Not everyone’s cup of tea but definitely something different![br][br][br]That’s what we had for this tour in June 2009. There may be some changes this year and no doubt some prices will go up but hopefully that ends up being a decent guide.[br][br][br][br]


Thanks heaps for that.[br][br]I might get back in touch with the travel agent and chase up more info.[br][br]Great to hear what you thought about the options…


Thanks for that, that’s really helpful! I really want to do the Sound Of Music tour, but I know it probably won’t happen. How much time did you have in Salzburg?[br][br]I can’t wait to get all the information from my travel agent so I can budget for the things I want to do!


If I remember correctly, the Sound of Music tour sets off at 2pm. You only have 1 night in Salzburg and are scheduled to get there sometime in the afternoon but not in time for this tour which is why it’s not an option. Our Tour leader really wanted to do it as she had never done it before and there was enough interest from the group to do it too (about 75% of us or so). So we had slightly longer driving stints and toilet stops were made as quick as possible in the attempt to make it there and I think we got to the hotel about right on 2 and our trip leader had called the tour company and managed to get them to wait a few minutes for us at our hotel. Luckily the hotel was pretty close to the tour departure point so they picked us up and then went to pick up the rest of the passengers.[br][br]So we did that tour which was pretty much all afternoon then got back to the hotel and went into town for dinner etc, then left the next morning. So you basically get an afternoon and night there.


I got a response from my travel agent today (via topdeck) about the Hotels for the full tour - that is Europe Uncovered commencing 7 July 2010.[br][br]The Hotels are;[br][br]Campanile Bagnolet - Paris[br][br]Rigi Kulm Hotel - Rigi[br][br]Hotel de Berne - Nice[br][br]Columbus Hotel - Florence[br][br]Hotel Beethoven - Rome[br][br]Hotel Centrale - Venice[br][br]Hotel Loza - Novalja[br][br]Ljubljana Resort and Camping - Ljubljana[br][br]Hotel Haunsperger hof - Salzburg[br][br]Hotel U Tri Korunek - Prague[br][br]Hotel Potsdamer Inn - Berlin[br][br]Amstel Botel - Amsterdam[br][br]The last 3 (Prague, Berlin & Amsterdam) look different to what “Shezarina” was provided.[br][br]I was also told that we would have to wait until Topdeck load the optionals up on the website… Although they are probably just the same as others have listed from last year.[br][br]


Few differences to what we had there. Paris apparently is different every year, and Nice is also different there. Rigi, Prague, Berlin and Amsterdam are also all different. Surprised about Rigi as I didn’t realise there was another hotel up the mountain, and Rigi Hostellerie where we stayed was awesome and by far the best hotel of the lot.


Hi Alex[br]Hope you don’t mind me asking a couple of questions… [br]I read on here that some people book tickets for things like The Louvre etc before going over? Did anyone bother to do that on your tour? Wouldn’t you just do it along the way or on the day if you decide to go??[br]Also did you or anyone else go to the Moulin Rouge instead of the show that is an option on the tour?[br]Thanks :slight_smile:


I’m thinking of just booking my own tickets to the Moulin Rouge. I would rather spend the money to go there, just to say that I’ve done it!