Europe uncovered 5th May 2016


Hey, I’ve booked Europe uncovered starting on the 5th of May 2016 and am travelling alone was wondering if anyone else has booked?


Hey Naomi!!
I’m thinking of doing this tour around this time but haven’t fully decided on a date yet, so might see you there!


Hey Dayna, I picked this date as it was the only garanteed tour in May!
Where abouts are you travelling from? I’m in Melbourne.
I’ll be doing two nights in London before and after the tour!


I’m 99% sure I’ll be doing this one! I’m from the North Island, New Zealand :slight_smile: Gosh I haven’t planned that far ahead, are you staying in a hostel? Apparently everyone stays at the Wombat? I hear lots of couples do this tour so I’m glad there’s someone else travelling alone, I didn’t want to be a third wheel ahahaha


Yeah I’m gonna stay at the pick up hotel!
Oh no haha don’t tell me that I just broke up with my fiancé 5 months ago! That’s what made me decide to go and do this! Bit scary haha


Yeah I was thinking of staying there too, seems easiest hahha :smile:

Oh geez that sucks, good on ya for getting out on this trip then! Na I’m sure there will be other solo travelers, no biggie! It’s so far away though, ugh better start my countdown…


Trip starts in 250 days :wink: already got my count down started!
My friend has done a lot of travelling and recently moved over to Canada so she is what’s made me wanna do this!


Hi, booked same tour as you guys, also from Melbourne (Ivanhoe). Should be great​:tada::balloon::tada::balloon:


hi guys!

unfortunately not on the tour though i wish i was! i just got back from doing this tour about 2 weeks ago (: im from Perth & travelled with my now fiance` :wink: (he proposed on the trip)yes, theirs a few couples on the trip as this is maybe one of 2 topdeck tours as a whole that is couples friendly haha, in saying that there was still alot of singles though on our trip it was majority girls! still, you meet ALOT of people when you’re out and about and no doubt you will meet up with other topdeck groups at some stage like we did!
any questions, let me know! happy to help! i absoutley loved the tour! you get to see & do so much! happy counting down :slight_smile: xx


Hi Everyone, I am on the same tour as well :smile:


What dates is everyone arriving in London? Thinking the 3/05/16 and leaving on the 28/05/16.


I’m flying in on the 4/05/16 and leaving on the 30/06/16.


I ended up booking to come home on the 29/05 haha


Hello =] Have booked the same tour as you guys also! Still a while away but the countdown is on and super excited!!


Oh exciting! Where are you from? :slight_smile:


I’m from Melbourne! =)


Oh sweet, me too! :slight_smile:


Hey guys,

I have booked this tour as well! I am so excited!

I have other travel plans before and after which are pretty much organised but if anyone’s interested in meeting up before or hanging around after, we should try to organise it.

We should start a Facebook group or something?

-Laura :slight_smile:


I’m staying in London 2 days before and 3 days after if you’ll be around. Facebook group sounds good!
Feel free to add me on Facebook any of you. Naomi Poynton :slight_smile:


Yay! Friends on FB now… if anyone else wants to add me it’s Laura Stott

Also, forgot to say I’m from Sydney and will be travelling solo