Europe Uncovered 5th August


Hey![br][br]Sorry i did actually post this earlier in the week but accidentally deleted it :o)[br][br]Is anyone out there doing the Europe Uncovered tour from 5th - 27th August? I’ll be in London for 5 days before the tour if anyone wants to meet up, and i’ll be going solo. Starting to wish i booked a guaranteed departure now, i’m getting a bit nervous that it won’t fill but it’s still a while away. [br][br]Looking forward to an adventure of a lifetime and meeting some new people to enjoy it with ;D


Hey![br][br]My boyfriend and I are doing that tour too :)[br][br]We’ll be in London for about a week before as well so if you want someone to hang out with we’ll be around[br][br]Yeh i’ve booked other stuff around those dates so i’m seriously hoping it fills! Im sure it will be fine…[br][br]Counting down the months!


Hey Amy, yaaay someone else doing the same tour! [br][br]Where in Australia are you guys from? Are you staying at Umi hotel? I’ll be staying there the night of the tour and the night we get back, but staying at another hotel nearby for the few days before the tour, then going to Scotland for a few nights after the tour before coming home again. How long are you travelling for?


Yay!! Hehe[br][br]We’re from Sydney how bout you?[br][br]Same, staying at Umi the night before and after tour but we’re staying with friends somewhere in Londons suburbia for the week before, then heading to Devon for a couple of nights after, then up to Manchester for another week or 2! So bout 7 weeks all up. We were gonna do scotland too, but didnt end up fitting it in… Will have to be next time!


I’m from Perth. [br][br]Wow your trip sounds awesome! Have you been to the UK & Europe before? I wish my boyfriend was coming with me but he has other travel plans.[br][br]I can’t believe how fast this year is going, before we know it we’ll all be on a bus together!


Nope i’ve never been before so its all new and exciting! But Dan has been to the UK and a couple of places in europe before… How about you? [br][br]Yeh i convinced him to come with me coz i didnt wanna go by myself… you are brave! But it will be awesome either way! Where’s your boy off to?[br][br]I know, its sneaking up fast, still seems a long time away though…


He’s going to South America for 2 months. I decided to do my own thing cos i really can’t imagine myself trekking through the mountains etc. So we’ll get our own trips out of the way and then we can go together next time, at least i would have sussed out where’s good to go. [br][br]I’ve been to London twice before, and i’ve been to Barcelona and various parts of France. You will absolutely love it over there, it will be so much fun.[br][br]I reckon it’s close enough to get excited for but far away enough to save $$ for it, i just wish the optional excursions would come out soon so i can figure out how much i’m going to need to save.


Ooo! Did you see optional extras are up!? Not that much, i wonder if thats everything? It adds up to 250 euro for everything… only $500 thats not too bad[br][br]Good call, hotels in europe over trekking mountains any day!


Hey, you’re right there’s not as much as i thought there would be, there’s a few things i can think of that aren’t on the list for this year (group photo, bike ride in Amsterdam, concentration camp in Mauthausen), maybe there will be some more information closer to the time. Are you guys planning on doing most things? [br][br]How old are you and Dan? i’m guessing from your username you’re 24 this year? I turned 23 in January. Are you bringing suitcases or backpacks? so many questions hehe sorry.


Oh yeh… maybe they just haven’t confirmed prices for those things yet…hmm… guess we’ll have to factor in a bit extra…[br][br]Yeh i’d say we’ll probably do most things, may as well, probably wont be back there for a long time! How about you?[br][br]Yep good guess, i’m turning 24 while on tour actually! And Dan is 24 too[br][br]I’m taking a suitcase, what are you thinking? Theres so much debate about that on the forums![br][br][br]


Hey,[br][br]Yes i will probably do most things too, why not hey! [br][br]I’m bringing a suitcase too, i think i would fall over backwards if i wore a backpack. Not sure how i’m going to go by myself though, i’m used to having my boy carrying my suitcase up stairs at the tube stations etc for me :-[[br][br]That’s exciting that you’ll be on tour for your birthday, have you figured out where we’ll be on the special day?


Haha yeh i agree, cant see myself coping too well with a backpack! Im sure someone would offer to help you out if they saw you struggling? More incentive to pack light i guess! [br][br]Yep its the 6th so we’ll be in Paris :slight_smile: Makes getting older abit more exciting!


Amy…[br][br]is it just me or is our tour date not on the departure date anymore?? I hope i’m just blind cos this would really f**k everything up if it’s been cancelled. I’ve just emailed Topdeck to find out.


Oh no, you’re kidding?! Nope i cant see it either, i havent heard that its been cancelled. Have you heard anything? That is really gonna mess us around!


Hey Amy,[br][br]I called topdeck last night and they said it looked likely that the tour has been cancelled, but they need to check with operations first and will get back to me. [br][br]I think i might do the Discover Europe on 6 Aug instead, but it does mess my travel plans up a bit because i’m booked to go to Edinburgh after the tour. [br][br]Will let you know if i hear anything else, sucks big time though :frowning:


Oh that does suck, looks like all but the guaranteed departures have disappeared. But there’s still ages to go i cant believe they would cancel it already, although better to know sooner than later i guess.[br][br]Yeh we’ve booked for after too… have to see if we can change that without losing our money. Ah fingers crossed![br][br]And my travel agent called last week to say all our documents had arrived so i was just getting excited…[br][br]Keep me posted, im going to email travel agent now and see if they can tell me anything.


Hey Amy i got an email from Topdeck today:[br][br]Hi Nicole,[br][br]I regret to inform you that the following trip has been cancelled for operational reasons:[br][br]Trip: 23 Day Europe Uncovered[br][br]Date of the Trip: 05th August 2009[br][br]However, we are able to offer the following alternatives:[br][br]Any other Europe Uncovered or Upgrade to the Discover Europe on the 6th of August.[br][br]Please advise if any of these alternatives are suitable for you, alternatively please don?t hesitate to contact me with any other queries you may have.[br][br]Many thanks and please accept our apologies for any inconveniences this may have caused.[br][br][br]What do you think you guys will do? [br][br]


Oh that sucks! We went in to collect all our stuff from the travel agent yesterday (topdeck documents included!) and our usual girl wasnt there but the guy said it was confirmed and that they wouldnt send out the documents if it wasnt confirmed… he didnt seem very convincing though! I find it strange that they havent told us that its been cancelled… the fact that you had to contact them to find out that is abit poor![br][br]We’ll probably do the same tour leaving the week later i’d say. I think no matter what we do its going to interfere with our accommodation we booked for after as there aren’t any guaranteed departures before that that we’ll be there in time for.[br][br]Are you going to be able to rearrange your Edinburgh stuff without too much hassle?


Oh that’s a shame we won’t be doing the same tour anymore then! I’d do the same one that you’re looking at except i need to be home for 4th sept for my boyfriends birthday, cousins 21st and sisters 30th all on the same day!! [br][br]I’m not going to go to Edinburgh anymore, i have to pay about $700 extra to do the Discover Europe tour, and then if i did Edinburgh before the tour it would be even more expensive so i’ll just hang out in London for the 6 days before. Really disappointed but nothing we can do about it hey. [br][br]Let me know how you re-arrange your trip, if you’re still in London when i’m there we should catch up for a drink. Hope you hear something from your travel agent soon…


[quote]Originally posted by amy85[br]I find it strange that they havent told us that its been cancelled… the fact that you had to contact them to find out that is abit poor![br][/quote][br][br]Just had the same thing myself. The British Isle tour I had booked for 25-31 July had disappeared from the departure dates page as your tour did (I looked on Friday after reading on here that your one had) and sent a few emails to find out but it took me going into see my travel agent today and her calling Topdeck to find out it had been cancelled. She was also quite annoyed as she said she should have been told immediately if something she booked had been cancelled. She booked me onto a very similar Contiki tour around the same time (starting 2 days earlier and finishing 1 day earlier) so it hasn’t worked out too bad. [br][br]Just wonder when I would have been told had I not checked the departure dates page! I’m leaving NZ next Monday so would really need to have things finalised by then.[br][br]At least the Europe Uncovered tour I’m doing in June is guaranteed.