Europe Uncovered 3rd May 2012


Hi All

I’m all booked in to go on the Europe Uncovered trip departing the 3rd May 2012. So can’t wait for this :slight_smile:

Just looking to see who else is going I’m travelling solo and would like to chat to some people before we head off.


Hey! :slight_smile:

My partner and I are all booked for this trip to! This will be our first trip to Europe and are really looking forward to it!



That’s awesome :slight_smile: Are you guys staying at the Umi Hotel the night before the tour leaves?


Yeah we are, fly in from new york that day so just seemed like the easy option :slight_smile: are u?


Yeah I’ve got a few days in London first though - I’m staying at hostel for those nights, but then staying at the Umi for the night beforehand :slight_smile: seemed easier as well since the tour will leave early in the morning. We should organise a get together the night before at or near to hotel


Yeah would be keen to catch up before hand, i mean we are going to be spending 3 weeks together!! :slight_smile: here is my Facebook we can tee something up closer to the time? Be cool if some other people see your post and join in aye!


Hey guys, my partner and I are also doing this tour :slight_smile: and will also be the first time in Europe. We will see u guys on the bus as we are starting the tour from Paris can’t wait to meet you all. Where abouts from Sydney are you from?


Hi Alyce, hmmm looking like a few couples on this trip lol Oh joining from Paris that would be cool, are you making Paris your base of operations? I’m from the Western Suburbs of Sydney. How about you?

That would be cool Rob, I’ve sent you a friend request on facebook :slight_smile:


Hey there!

Just saw your post and thought I’d reply as I’m travelling with a group of 5 friends and one of my girlfriends who is coming lives in Sydney also!

She’s 27 years old and lives in Burwood. She’ll be travelling solo on the trip.

Send me an e-mail if you’d like to get in touch with her.

So excited for the 3rd of May - can’t wait!!!

  • Jamie


Yeah we are flying into Paris on the 30th of April so it gives us four nights before the tour. I’m from western Sydney as well ( penrith) u? I can’t wait for the trip I’ve counted that we have approx 58 more working days :slight_smile: thanks for getting back to me. Talk soon


Hey I’m Jummies friend travelling solo with 2 couples :slight_smile: soooo looking forward to the tour! We arrive in London on the 1st of May, we couldn’t get any accom at Umi. But I’m sure we cud meet up the night before! I’m from Sydney as well, looks like plenty of Sydney-siders are coming!


Hey all,

We are on the tour too! Have been waiting 10 years to be able to see Europe!!!
Am so excited. Look forward to meeting you all.


WOW look what happens when you don’t go on the forums for a few weeks!

Hi Jummie and Hi Kailah :slight_smile: Well Kailah if it looks like it’s all couples on the trip we can keep each other company lol I think all us Sydney-siders should meet up before we go - that’s if any of us have time lol

WOW Alyce small world I’m from the Penrith area to! As of today I have 67 whole days till I leave for London :slight_smile:

Hi Jodi n Dave that’s awesome :slight_smile: Can’t wait to meet u guys to :slight_smile:

I’m now thinking since so many people have responded we should do a meet up near to Umi the night before the tour maybe dinner, drinks or both :slight_smile: <---- that’s me on facebook if anyone wants to add me :slight_smile:


Agreed Erin I havent been on in a while and there are some new posts!

Big HI to everyone! Looking forward to meeting you all!


Hey Erin

Added you on facebook ;D us single girls should def stick together!

Jummie and I are seriously counting down, although we haven’t made it to days yet, 9 weeks lol

Hi to everyone else, looking forward to meeting you all on the tour!!

Drinks in London the night before sounds good to me :wink:


You have to count down it days - because it annoys your friends you aren’t going :stuck_out_tongue:

Drinks in London it is! Now just have to research where the heck we go or wing it on the night lol


Hi All, my husband and I will also be joining you on the tour. It will be our first time to Europe - very excited! We are staying at the Umi hotel from the 30th April, it would be good to catch up with everyone before hand :slight_smile: looks like we are the only ones from Adelaide so far!


Dave and I are also from Adelaide, Rebecca!

We are also staying at the Umi the night before we leave.


Hey everyone :slight_smile: Sarah and I are staying at the Umi the night before as well, looks like there will be a few of us! could be worth catching up the night before???


Argh your all lucky to have found people on your trip. i still got 60 days to go.