Europe Uncovered 3rd June 08


Hi! my bf and I were booked on the 6th May, but as it wasnt guaranteed, we are now booked on 3rd June (guaranteed departure). Weather will be much nicer too!! Anyone else on this tour? Let me know! :)[br][br]


hmm…isn’t ANYONE going on this trip!!! :frowning:


Hey Loulou, [br][br]I’m not on your trip, but I thought I’d say hi coz I’m having the same problem! I think it’s just too soon for them to be on here. [br][br]My first tour starts 31st May (European Odyssey) and the second one is 22nd June (Bravo Italia) and I’m going alone so I’m hoping someone else will pop up before then! :)[br][br]Have a fabulous trip!!:slight_smile:


haha!! have a fabulous time on ur trip/s too!! :slight_smile: im sure we wont be the only ones, but its hard not to feel excited yet anxious once u have booked huh?!? :slight_smile:


Hi Loulou[br]I just booked on the weekend. My husband & i will be travelling with you!! Yay, im so excited and scared at the same time. I have wanted to do this for soooooo long and i cant believe its actually happening. We havent really dont much travelling. How about you? Im glad to know there will be another couple on the tour - how old are you guys? Im 25.


Hiii!!! YAY im SO glad you are coming!! We are so excited and scared too! My (now fiancee!) and I are 27 & 25 :slight_smile: We live in WA, and have only ever been to Bali! We can’t wait - only 5 mths to go!! Are you on facebook? We should keep in touch before we meet up!?


Congrats on the engagement![br]I think we sound very similar - we have only been to phuket! My husband is 28. We are from Adelaide. I am on facebook, just started. Would love to keep in touch.


Hi there! My husband and I will be on the Europe Uncovered tour for 3 June. We booked last week. I’ll be 31 and he’ll be 34 by then, and we’re from Melbourne. It’s cool to know there will be other AU couples on the tour. Congratulations on your engagement![br]


Hi Melanie!!! yay more aussies! :slight_smile: Are you booked into the Globetrotter the night before? We cant wait for the trip!


Yep, we will most likely stay at the Globetrotter for the couple of nights we’re there before the tour.[br][br]It’s not too far away! Hope we get some lovely weather.


Hi everyone! My boyfriend and I are also going on this tour leaving the 3rd of June. We’re both really excited, its going to be excellent!![br]:slight_smile:


Hi Brod!!! Where in Aus are you from? We are excited toooooooo![br]


Hey there! We’re in Perth. Glad to see everyone is as excited as us! Trip and tour of a life time.


Hi everyone! My girlfriend and I just booked this trip, looks like we are the first Americans so far :slight_smile: Im 23 my girlfriend’s 21 and we are from San Diego, California. I’m Tony, my girlfriend’s name is Meredith. We’re very excited to go, wish it was tomorrow! Cant wait for the trip of a lifetime and to meet everyone!


Hi Tony! look forward to meeting you and Meredith! :slight_smile: I want to start packing already, but i think its a bit TOO soon :stuck_out_tongue:


Going to be so great meeting people from all over the world while touring together![br][br]Don’t think it’s completely sunk in yet that we’re going but I seriously CAN’T WAIT!![br][br]:):slight_smile:


i know!! im excited, but a bit more nervous now too!! i hope i dont freak out at the airport! :stuck_out_tongue:


by the way… dont know how everyone else feels about this, but if u want to add me on facebook you can!! Im pretty sure there is only one of me - Louise Pattullo (aus). Just make sure u write a msg while adding so i know ur on our tour and not some random! :slight_smile: i think its good to get to know each other a little before the trip!


Ohhh (i swear this is my last post…for now…) did everyone see that our itineraries and pre-trip info is on the website!!!


If anyone would like to add Meredith or Me to your facebook our emails are and