Europe Uncovered 30th August 2016- 20th September 2016


Hi Guys

Looking to maybe do this trip this year, wondering if anyone has booked or is thinking about doing this trip. I’m from Perth and would be travelling solo.



Hi Pauline, I’m also from Perth, travelling solo, and looking at different Top Deck tour options… It’s so hard choosing!! I’ve never done a tour before so I’m scared I’ll get sick of the fast-paced bus travel, but I also don’t want to get lonely travelling on my own… I’m still contemplating whether to do European Uncovered, European Odyssey (18 day) or European Pathways (17 day). I really want to go to Spain too but it’s not included in these :smile:


Hi Kel-Maree

Yeah its hard to pick there are so many great tours. Its a shame not more tours go to Spain, I would really love to go there as well. Good luck making your decision :slight_smile: and you never know we might see each other around Europe :slight_smile:


Booked this tour today :slight_smile: is anyone joining me?


Hi, this is not the spirit of Europe tour that you are talking about?


No Europe Uncovered definately


Was thinking of booking the 1 Sept - 22 Sept or 8 Sept to 29 Sept but there doesn’t seem to be any threads for those dates…wondering if I should book 30 Aug - 20 Sept instead! :smile:


You could always make one and see if you get any takers. If you do change your mind I will definitely be there on the tour starting 30th August :grinning:


Just booked the European Uncovered starting 30th August! :smile:


Hi Guys!
My partner Mark and I (from Sydney) are doing this trip too - getting pretty excited that it’s less than 6 months away!

Since we probs won’t be going to Europe again soon we thought we would try and see as much as we could - we are flying into Lisbon and making our own way through Portugal and Spain and will meet up with the group in Paris (oh fancy!). After that we are spending about a week in England afterwards then back to reality.

Looking forward to meeting fellow travellers! :smile:


Yeah not too far away now :smile: looking forward to meeting you soon


Fellow Sydneysiders yeah!! :wave:

See you on the trip! I’ll be spending 3 days in London after the Tour but pity I have no time to go to Spain/Portugal :frowning:


Hi everyone!
I’m Lisa!
Myself and my friend, Fiona, are booked in for this trip.
Just paid for it so it’s all becoming very real and exciting.
We are both from Ayr (North Queensland)…an hour south of Townsville :smile:
It will be our first time to Europe so any travel advice would be greatly appreciated.
We are booked in London for a few days before our trip begins and also after our trip ends.


Hi Lisa!

I’ve been to Rome and Athens some years ago. The Tour details document gives some good tips so that’s a good start.

Also if you’re like me and are a bit OCD about being prepared for everything, go check out this site:

Other than that, I look forward to meeting you in London! I’ve heard great things about Topdeck tours, I’m sure we’ll have an awesome time! :smiley:



Hi all,
I’m also doing this tour, I’m from sydney and travelling solo :smiley:
Not long now, just over 3 months to go!!

#16 this is a link to our Facebook page, where we can share travel plans, photos from the tour etc :slight_smile:


That’s great - I’ve just sent a join request. Thanks for setting up!


Thanks for that Andrew!
Yes cannot wait!