Europe Uncovered 3-24th May 2016


My husband and i are booked on the above tour. We are from New Zealand, South Island. We are in our late 20s early 30s. Would love to hear from anyone else on the same tour!


Hi !

My Boyfriend and I have booked for the same tour.
Not long to go now ! Getting excited.

We are also from New Zealand.


Hey Ash!

Cant wait either! When do you fly in? I think we arrive the 28th April. What part of NZ are you coming from?


We fly in on the 30th April. Are you doing any travel after the tour?

We are coming from Hamilton :slight_smile:

Where in the south island are you from?


Aw nice. Yeah were are going to the Isle of Man after the tour, i think we are over there for about 3 months in total. What about you guys? We are coming from Greymouth.


Also on this tour coming from Auckland by myself.
arriving on the 01//05/16 for month doing few days in London and Edinburgh as well. Cant wait :airplane:


Not long now!