Europe Uncovered - 2nd of May


My name is Alison and I am all booked in for the Europe Uncovered tour starting on the 2nd of May. I cant believe how quickly it is coming around!
Just wondering if anyone else is booked in too as I would love to hear from you!
Cheers, Alison :slight_smile:


Hi Alison,

Yep 2 months to go! Unbelievable! Are you staying at the UMI hotel the day before?


Hi Alison and Brett,

My partner and I are booked for this tour too and starting to get very excited… who am I kidding - I’ve been psyched since we booked in October:)

It seems like the thing to do will be to stay at the hotel the night before, it looks like an early start. I think there is a bar at the hotel, we might need to organise a meet and greet and have a drink together the night before the tour departs.



Sounds like a good idea!


Awesome, I’m staying at Umi Hotel too! First time oversea, a big adventure ahead!


Hi Alisa, Brett & Mel,

My brother and I are booked on this tour as well.

Not long to go now!

Looking forward to meeting you all :slight_smile:

Cheers Sarah


Hi Sarah,

Only 5 weeks to go! Looking forward to meeting you too!