Europe Uncovered - 2nd June


HI All,

I am about to book the Europe uncovered trip that departs the 2nd of June.
Has anyone else booked this one?



Hi there,

My boyfriend and I will be on that tour. Very excited!


AH great news.

What are you doing before and after the tour?


were only in london the day before and a day after. boo! haha how about you? :-[


oh shame. Im going travelling for 3 months all up. hopefully going to egypt then meeting the tour in paris, then a week in london, 1.5 weeks in the sounds of france and 5 weeks in spain with a trip over to morocco.

So great to know someone doing the same tour as I am travelling solo - where are you and your bf from?


wow that sounds like a good holiday! were from adelaide, i have only ever been to germany and austria outside of australia and james has never been to europe, so this tour is kind of our taster of it all :slight_smile:
how about you?


wow - your going to love it. I have been overseas a few times. this will be my 4th time for france - I have family there. have also been to spain before but thats all in europe. so looking forward to seeing the east. NOw just need to save as much as i can :slight_smile:


im also going to be on this tour with my boyfriend:) so exciting its getting close…